Quentinsburgh seeing widespread transit changes, QUARTA, road upgrades, tolls

QUENTINSBURGH- Quentinsburgh, Freedemia has long been working to become the next global city. Now that it’s finally seen success on the global level, and with the honor of hosting large international events like the 2016 Summer Geolympiad, infrastructure and transportation improvements have been the next big step. However, many of these improvements mean big changes for residents and visitors of the Quentinsburgh metropolitan area.


The QDOT, a division of the FNDOT (Freedemian National Department of Transportation), has been making much needed improvements to many mahor roads. While a nationwide effort is being made to make transit the number one choice for residents and tourists, road improvements are making driving better as well. New alignments of parts of the U-304 in and Quentinsburgh Blvd West downtown and near Quentins State International University are the most prominent, although other noticable changes like circles at Hinespoint in Northern Quentinsburgh and near Christian Pkwy at Quentinsburgh Blvd East and overall improvements to traffic flow on major corridors like Bond Blvd and Stanley/Jackson has helped greatly as well. Exits have been made less sharp and safer in many locations across the city.


One large change is the fact that several major freeways throughout Freedemia recently became toll roads. Freedemia has been trying to move towards a less car-reliant society. One way they’ve been doing that is by making transit a better choice than cars. In response to the creation of the XLine BRT earlier this year, tolls on U-204 went up significantly on November 1st. Freeways U-104 and U-7 out to Northcross, formerly freeways, became tolled expressways the same day. Drivers can use the same toll system (EZPNG, short for easy Pay and Go) they have used on other freeways. ESPNG has also created an app where your phone or mobile device can act as a toll device if a driver does not have a toll device for no additional charge. (The phone app system is entirely hands free and locks the phone to avoid texting or web surfing while driving.)


Map showing where all of the toll interstates are around the Quentinsburgh Metropolitan area (U-7, U-104, and U-204)

QUARTA, Quentinsburgh’s transit system, is making up for the new tolls with improved transit, especially with the QLine Metro system. With extensions on lines 2, 3 and 10 complete and 2 extensions on line 4 under construction (including a new route 12 to run with the four to service the eastern part of the area, currently served by BRT) and one on line 6 expected to open in December, the system is growing and getting better by the month.

The plans have brought some controversy as well. Since Line 12 will basically duplicate the current route of the C Line BRT, the BRT routes will need to be rerouted. This is potentially a very good thing. Current plans call for running the new B and C BRT line alignments along Greendale Meadows Rd and Franklin Hill Rd through Gillepsie and Northcross, filling one of QUARTA’s biggest rapid transit service gaps, while creating a line D that would service Gillepsie, Caroll Hill, Franklin Hill, the Geolympiad Complex,  Sean Bond International Airport and Highfield. However, residents along densely populated yet less urban Greendale Meadows Road don’t quite like the idea of having Brt in their backyard. QUARTA is looking into new bus stop and bus lane designs to fit with the peaceful neighborhoods.


New versions of the “Understanding the QUARTA system” signs and pamphlets, showing line 12 (currently under construction). Line 12 is part of three big extensions, one extending line 6 into Urban Meadows, one connecting line 4 through Northcross to Line 3 tracks, and an extension sending line 4 into Caroll Hill. Both Line 4 extensions will be parts of Line 12 once initiated.
Quentinsburgh will be hosting the 2016 Summer Geolympiad in July 2016. That’s a big weight to carry,but it looks like by then, with all of these infrastructure improvements, they will be more prepared than ever.


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