Former foreign minister of Řots asks world nations to recognise Goytakanya

(Nekkar, 9 November 2015) – Former foreign minister of Řots Koras Ipat Vabere has called upon the nations of the world to issue a formal recognition of Goytakanya. Suvuma expelled the ambassador of Neo Delta yesterday, following the recognition of Goytakanya by Neo Delta last month. Amid heavy riots, the Suvumese military escorted the ambassador off Suvumese territory in what is the country’s latest protest against the recognition by third parties of the small island nation of Goytakanya.

“The Suvumese government may think that other nations will abstain from recognising Goytakanya if they are treated as Neo Delta has been treated just now, but this kind of behaviour is really not done in international diplomacy”, the former minister said. “I therefore call upon all governments to recognise Goytakanya as an independent nation and force Suvuma to deal with the situation in a civilised manner. We cannot have one country dividing international politics and forcing countries to take sides only because it can’t get over the fact that one tiny Suvuman island gained independence forty years ago. The entire area could have been a lot more prosperous for both sides if Suvuma itself had recognised Goytakanya a long time ago.”

Only six countries, including Řots, have full diplomatic ties with Goytakanya at this moment. “Goytakanya has been independent for several decades, this number is far too low!” Koras Ipat Vabere says. “I cannot imagine that Suvuma has such a tight grip on the rest of the world that it is succesfully able to bully other nations into abstaining from recognising Goytakanya. This situation should change fast!”

The foreign ministry mentioned that it was discussing the status of Goytakanya with ‘several other countries’, but didn’t want to specify. Last week, the incumbent foreign minister Bāpēr Irve Ulař backed our neighbour Neo Delta in its dealings with Goytakanya and Suvuma. Koras Ipat Vabere was foreign minister in the second cabinet of prime minister Storm Bāvakos Nařret (2006 – 2011).


2 thoughts on “Former foreign minister of Řots asks world nations to recognise Goytakanya

  1. I was born in Bhagurah, and, poor as the major of my people, I never went in foreginer lands, but I really would like to visit Řots, and thanks personally the people from there because their support to our fight.


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