Analysts try to predict the future of the Řots-Neo Delta relations as new prime minister is sworn

MALOJDEH – As the new prime minister of ŘotsVervets Bekřa Nureet, is sworn, Neo Delta political analysts try to predict the future of the relationship between the two neighboring countries. One of the most controversial decisions of the new prime minister of Řots was the choice for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country – Bāpēr Irve Ulař. The decision has been seen by some as a provocation, since Bāpēr Irve Ulař is considered a persona non grata by certain political groups of Neo Delta.

Back in 2007 Bāpēr Irve Ulař was the director of the Urana Larin Kik-Institute, in charge of foreign diplomatic strategies of Řots when the institute ordered the erroneous arrest of Neo Deltan diplomat Saran Fida-Pord by the military police of that country. Saran Fida-Pord was the Neo Deltan Ambassador to Khaiwoon at the time and she currently serves as Neo Delta Foreign Affairs Minister.

Analysts fear that the participation of Bāpēr Irve Ulař in the government might cause some discomfort among Neo Deltan politicians and diplomats. Though most view the situation with caution, several analysts believe that this shall not harm the strong Řots-Neo Delta relations. The fact that one of the first initiatives taken by the new government of Řots was to back Neo Delta in the Goytakanya-Suvuma conflict was seen as an attempt to please the most suspicious Neo Deltans.


Neo Delta and Řots are two of the most important countries in southern Astrasia. The histories of the two nations have always been connected, but there have been important conflicts in the past regarding the demarcation of the borders between them. Since this conflict was solved decades ago, Neo Delta and Řots grew closer together, signing multiple bilateral agreements and creating an important economic bloc, the South-West Astrasian Economic Alliance (SWAEA).


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