Neo Delta responds to Suvuma threats, claims for peace

MALOJDEH – After almost two weeks of talks and heated debates in all sectors of Neo Deltan society, the government of the country finally issued a response to threats made by the government of Suvuma over the Goytakano embassy opened in Malojdeh last month. Representatives of the Suvuma government have threatened Neo Delta over the recently opened embassy of Goytakanya, which marked the beginning of diplomatic relations between Neo Delta and Goytakanya. The Suvumese delegation at the Assembly of Nations argued that “Neo Delta’s recent rhetoric supporting the Goytakano terrorists, lawless enemies of the Suvumese state and shameless murderers of their fellow Suvumese citizens, is a saddening betrayal of that longtime trust and friendship. (…) Neo Delta has firmly sided against the Suvumese people.” expressing that the Astrasian country should close the embassy of Goytakanya. The declaration went on saying that Neo Delta [should] reverse its decision and renounce the Goytakano terrorist entity, with the reminder that failure to do so will result in severe diplomatic consequences.”

The declaration was met with no surprise by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Neo Delta, which has constantly participated in talks with Suvumese and Goytakano representatives over the conflict between the two countries. The tone of the threats, though, seemed stronger than usual and led the more conservative wings of Neo Deltan government to express their concern about the situation. The vice-president, Tatil Guve-Upa, talked to the press days after the Suvumese statement was made, saying it was unacceptable and that they put it risk the well-being of Neo Deltan citizens in Brugas. Other politicians have said that the government made a mistake, and they should side with Suvuma, which is a much more important country and can affect Neo Delta directly.

Today, though, the minister of Foreign Affairs of Neo Delta, Saran Fida-Pord, issued a public statement clarifying the position of the government on that matter and confirming the previous direction taken with the opening of the Goytakano embassy:

“Neo Delta is a peaceful country that has always struggled to transform the world  in a more peaceful place. We have been present in the negotiations between Suvuma and Goytakanya since the beginning of the conflict and we have offered diplomatic alternatives that helped minimize the damage of the war on the civilians. The Neo Deltan state of Brugas has received countless migrants from both Suvumese and Goytakano backgrounds that urged an end to the conflict in the region so that they can return to their countries and live peaceful lives. That way, the opening of a Goytakanyan embassy in Neo Delta and the recognition of their autonomy is a crucial step towards understanding. The dialogue shall be facilitated and more lives can be spared when we abandon aggressive measures. We hope the Suvumese government can understand that and opt to walk with us on the path to peace.”

Countries that recognize Goytakanya as an independent state: Neo Delta, Řots, Ardisphere, Cariocas, Lallemand, and Gobrassanya.
In green countries that recognize Goytakanya as an independent state: Neo Delta, Řots, Ardisphere, Cariocas, Lallemand, and Gobrassanya.



4 thoughts on “Neo Delta responds to Suvuma threats, claims for peace

  1. I believe the Neo Delta government did well. The people of Goytakanya have suffered enough, it’s time for the international community to take action!

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    • You say that because you probably don’t live in Taiago or any other place in Brugas. Here we live in fear that Suvuma will start a blockade and isolate us from the rest of the world. We’re afraid will may starve. They already stop exporting food to Brugas… I bet they are crazy enough to attack us!

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      • If Suvuma blockades the eastern side of the Brugas area, Freedemia and Woolonia will happily do our best to help get food from the farther areas. In fact, if it would help, since the flight path from Freedemia to Brugas is to the west of Suvuma and would not go over either of the other countries, we can begin direct flights and make an effort to take any peace-seeking refugees that need food and safety. Freedemia is a close ally with Neo Delta and is willing to take any non-militaristic action to help in this situation.

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  2. Lallemand which is the closest nation top this situation, has a refugee camp and government housing for any of those Goytakano fleeing conflict in the area, the refugee camps are extremely safe and patrolled by Lallemanyan Military with hundreds of supplies shipped into the port of Avewood on a daily basis. Their are also areas and neighborhoods largely settle by Suvumese people from Goytakano and the Main Island. Although their is little friction in between them these neighborhoods remain peaceful and the 100,000 Suvumese and 20,000 Gotyakano’s reported to live in Lallemand are safe although The Communist part of Lallemand AKA North Lallemand is expected to gain more and more Suvumese residents from South or The Republic of Lallemand, as Suvumese move to avoid possible backlash from Goytakano immigrants coming in from the island.

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