Belphenian scenic roads to get new highway system

MAGEHAVEN – The infamous “Mountain and Volcano Roads” highway system in the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia came to an end when the Belphenian Special Highways Act went into effect on November 1, two months after Prime Minister Erza Beard signed the bill into law on September 11. The replacement highway system, the Belphenian Special Highways System, was created by Laura Gredinger of the Belphenia Department of Transportation.

“The special highway system we have now for our roads near scenic areas does not make any sense at all. Mountain and volcano roads, it seems it’s not make any sense to BDOT and personally myself since the Volkman period. Since then, it was named by some soldier who worked for Sasuke Volkman a long time ago that does not make any sense when it comes to naming the network of scenic roads. So a replacement highway system is needed to benefit Belphenia to the fullest which is the new Special Highways System. The replacement highway system, is designed to replace the infamous, so-called Mountain and Volcano Roads System.” Gredinger said on the official BDOT website on September 22.

Gredinger also said that the new highway system will benefit the productivity of scenic roads connecting to and from scenic areas, tourist attractions, bridges and tunnels, and mountainous regions. In addiction to the new road network, there will be new highway marker designs.

More addictions to the new road network is the setting of the maximum speed limits in rural areas and on straight roads to 70 mph on divided highways, and for undivided highways to 65 mph. In mountainous regions, the maximum speed limit will be set to 45 mph or lower depending on the terrain features and areas where fog or inclement weather conditions occur. Minimum speed limits on special roads joining with Interstate Highways will be set to 55 mph, and 45 mph on National Routes.

The special highways will be designated with an S (i.e., S 54) on newer road maps by the end of 2015.

Drivers will see the new highway markers on all scenic roads that were part of the so-called Mountain and Volcano Roads by February 2016.

Belphenian Special Highways
The new Belphenian Special Highway marker design since November 1, 2015. The new road network replaces the so-called Mountain and Volcano Roads system under the Belphenian Special Highways Act.

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