WXFI News- Port of Tuphenas open after reconstruction

TUPHENAS- After 4 years of construction, the Port of Tuphenas (POT) has officially opened. “This is a great accomplishment, it will drive the economy of Valiant through the roof,” said Alexander Bershefer, governer of the Valiant Province. The Valiant Province had been in a low point in its economy due to the POT closing to be reconstructed. Imports and exports had grinded to a halt in Valiant since POT was Valiant’s only port. Unemployment rates skyrocketed. Experts say that Valiant will expirence a 5% growth in its economy and Farax will receive a 2% growth.

The new POT will be able to hire about 155,000 new workers. “This will give incredible job oppurtunities to unemployed residents of the Tuphenas Metro Area,” says Janice Evans, the mayor of Tuphenas. The port will not only open up job oppurtunities in the port but also in the corporate sector as well. When the port closed in 2011 it caused many corporations to plument in value which caused layoffs. Since the POT has reopened corporations should boost in value causing new employees to be hired. “Job opportunities are everywhere in the Tuphenas area, this is a huge booster for Valiant’s and all of Farax’s economy,” says Alexander Bershefer.

POT will now be accepting requests by all countries for a reservation of a POT office building. The POT will allow a country to buy 1 office in the port. Each country will be allowed to have imports and exports coming in and out of the POT for themselves. If a country wants to reserve an office in the POT please message iBallasticwolf2 about it and which office the country would like to reserve.


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