Tourist falls off QLine Subway Platform, into Quentins River, rescued

QUENTINSBURGH- An accident at a elevated QLine station in downtown Quentinsburgh yesterday left a man in the hospital. Ironically, the accident had nothing to do with the subway.

A man fell backwards over the railing of the Wellson/QSU Hospitals station in downtown during a “photo shoot”, falling into the mouth of the Quentins River. 

Gary Frenimore, a man who was visiting Freedemia as a tourist as part of a study abroad opportunity, went to the Wellson/QSU Hospitals subway station to take some pictures of the view of the river. After being pushed on by his friends who accompanied him to the station, he sat on the railing at the southern end of the platform to take a picture. However, a bird flew at Frenimore, who fell backwards over the railing and into the river. After flailing around for about ten minutes, keeping himself in the shallowest water possible, he was rescued by emergency crews to the nearest hospital. Ironically, Frenimore was rescued and taken to the hospital at the other end of the subway platform- Quentins State International University Hospitals (Hence the name Wellson/QSU Hospitals).

The Wellson/QSU Hospitals subway station is very popular with tourists. While it’s a normal station, it’s the first elevated station in downtown and the only one with a view of the mouth of the Quentins River, the downtown skyline, and everything else the area has to offer. It’s very popular for photos, which QUARTA has no problem with- except when safety becomes a concern. QUARTA (the Quentinsburgh Urban Area Rapid Transit Authority) has responded by placing signs along the railing explaining that photos are fine, but that first, it is a subway station first and foremost,  and second, don’t play on the railings- especially when that railing is about 3-4 stories above water.



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