Quentinsburgh Coast Freeway getting a new alignment around Quentins State International University

QUENTINSBURGH- After years of having a motorway route running straight through the middle of campus, QSU students who don’t live on campus will soon have a new way of getting to class and drivers on Quentinsburgh Blvd will soon have a new traffic pattern to follow.

In the near future, the U-304, otherwise known as the Quentinsburgh Coast Parkway, will be redirected around the QSU campus, solving several traffic issues in downtown Quentinsburgh and in and west of the Quentinsburgh State International University area. The new alignment will go the west of QSU along Quentinsburgh Blvd. However, in order for the new alignment to be convenient and have exits that best serve the QSU campus and the Port Freedemia Harbor.Quentinsburgh Blvd is being given a road diet and will be turned into a one way street northbound, with a parallel road on the other side of the freeway as a one way road southbound. Exits will flow directly off of the freeway onto the corresponding one way streets. This means for the first time, drivers can have easier access to the center of campus with easy access to Grant Street, James Street, Biltmore Street, and Garland Road. Even the northern part of campus is more accessible with a simpler exit.

It is hoped that the new alignment will also help the Port Freedemia Harbor nearby by making access from the U-304, generally used as the truck route for the U-4, much simpler and easier.

This is also great for the freeway’s tight exit with U-7 south of the Quentins River. The new alignment will allow for a complete redoing of the exit, with better access to Freedemian Parkway and downtown and a much smoother exit between the U-7 and U-304.

Quentins State International University and the Freedemian Department of Transportation have big plans for the old extention as well. The old freeway embankment will become a cycleway path and pedestrian plaza through all of the central part of the campus, with artwork and more. The northernmost and southernmost parts, as well as the car exits, are planned to be demolished completely, opening up new development space in downtown and on the North Campus.

Construction is nearing completion and the new extension is expected to open in the next few days. 

The new and old alignments of U-304 in Downtown Quentinsburgh

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