Goytakanya’s Foreign Minister Burkym Eb Amuteb responds to Suvumese threats toward Neo Delta

BHAGURAH, GOYTAKANYA — The Goytakanian Minister of Foreign Relations, Burkym Eb Amutab, published a note aggressively replying to the recent declarations from the Suvumese government.

He said the Suvumese government is out of arguments:
“They speak about us, as if we are a terrorist people to the rest of the world. But in the same official note, they do psychological terrorism against Neo Delta, saying, in hidden lines, that the people from Neo Delta will be not welcome anymore in Suvuma if Neo Delta continues maintaining relations with Goytakanya.”

Amuteb used irony as well:
“The Suvumese regime really loves to talk about the Suvumese civilians killed in that attack in Bhagurah, forty years ago, but why do they never mention the Goytakano civilians killed in the same event?”

The minister also asked some questions:
“Suvuma forgets some points. If was not for the old Goytakano governors, there would not be national unity in Suvuma today. There are a lot of ethnicities in Suvuma, and Goytakanians were responsible for uniting all under one country. Why do they ignore this fact of their “glorious” history? Now Goytakanians are no longer welcome in Suvuma, suffering discrimination, and yet Suvuma’s regime tries to deny the independence of our own motherland?”

“We came from Goytakanya – this island was not a conquered land,” said Burkym, finally.


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