Suvuma threatens Neo Delta over recently opened Goytakanya embassy

goytakanya-conflictST. RICHARDS, PRETANY — The Suvumese regime has issued a stern public warning to Neo Delta’s government, in response to that country’s recent decision to establish diplomatic relations with Goytakanya, the disputed island asserting independence from Suvuma.

The statement, delivered to Neo Delta’s ambassador in Suvuma this morning, but also released to international media by the Suvumese delegation at the Assembly of Nations in St. Richards, reads as follows:

“The Suvumese people have long enjoyed a warm friendship with Neo Delta, and especially our close neighbors in the Brugas Archipelago. Over the years we have forged an important economic partnership, offering unparalleled opportunities for trade and development, access to dynamic growing markets and vast natural resources, and unlimited use of key airspace and sea lanes for the safe travel of passengers and cargo. We have always welcomed the people of Neo Delta and Brugas into our cities, villages and homes, and we have always trusted them as valued friends and allies.”

“Neo Delta’s recent rhetoric supporting the Goytakano terrorists, lawless enemies of the Suvumese state and shameless murderers of their fellow Suvumese citizens, is a saddening betrayal of that longtime trust and friendship.  It is also a profound insult to the countless Suvumese heroes who sacrificed their lives in the fight to preserve the peace and unity of Suvuma, and to the grieving families who mourn their loss.”

“Forty years ago, Goytakano terrorists seized power from Suvumese authorities in Bhagurah; displacing, attacking and murdering innocent Suvumese civilians. These were bloodthirsty criminals; their actions violated international law; their rule has always been illegal; and the land they tried to steal has always remained part of Suvuma.  By declaring exactly the opposite — that the terrorist reign is legitimate, deserving recognition and respect from the world — Neo Delta has abandoned any claim to neutrality in this conflict and any possible role as a peacemaker.  Neo Delta has firmly sided against the Suvumese people.”

“It is completely unacceptable for a foreign power to support an illegal domestic insurrection on Suvumese territory, and therefore the Suvumese Federal Republic has no choice but to request that Neo Delta reverse its decision and renounce the Goytakano terrorist entity, with the reminder that failure to do so will result in severe diplomatic consequences.”

The statement did not specify details, but Suvuma is known for its policy of breaking ties with any country that establishes relations with Goytakanya.  Meanwhile sources in Neo Delta indicated that that country’s leaders planned to hold a meeting soon to discuss their response.


6 thoughts on “Suvuma threatens Neo Delta over recently opened Goytakanya embassy

  1. Freedemia has never really been in close relations with either nation. However, as with any other large international conflict that has this much of an effect on the world and its allies (Neo Delta), Freedemian leaders generally have to take a stance.

    Shortly after news of this statement was received by President Angela Rosenthal and other leaders, they met in a special session to look at their position on the issue.

    It was released in a press conference late this evening that Freedemia will be dropping any attempts to associate or communicate with both nations, Suvuma and Goytakanya, to avoid being involved in any conflicts. President Rosenthal and Secretary of Domestic Security Gerry Wu also made it very clear it will not be involved in any conflicts that arise unless it becomes necessary to defend Freedemia itself from immediate threat.

    Freedemia currently does not have many issues in this matter. The closest any airline flights go is Avewood, Lallemand, and flights to Neo Delta fly far south of the area. However, Freedemian citizens are being recommended to avoid the entire region (other than uninvolved Lallemand) so that they are not caught in the cross-hairs.


  2. Woolonia has also taken a neutral stance, temporarily barring both nations from joining WIFTA (Woolonian International Free Trade Agreement) and putting an embargo temporarily preventing Woolonian trade with either nation. WIFTA and Woolonian leaders have made it clear these bans and embargos will be lifted if the conflict is resolved between Suvuma and Goytakanya, although the likelihood of that happeninf anytime soon seems slim.


  3. Wow, that was inspired! As a citizen of Neo Delta with friends and family living in Brugas, were a lot of us like to spend time during vacation, I think our government should reconsider the opening of the Goytakanyan embassy!


  4. Lallemand does not want this conflict to further tarnish it’s reputation for being a dangerous nation with Pagbo rebels who were only destroyed till 20 years ago and high crime among Pagbo and Yorugbo neighborhoods and cities. Lallemand has chosen to publicly keep quiet although their is currently a Neo Deltan embassy, it directly supports Neo Delta, and says any attack on Neo Delta, will be answered by a swift response from Lallemand. it however is not involved in the conflict as it doesn’t want to lose it’s thriving tourist economy, both in Communist Lallemand and Democratic Lallemand.

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