Freedemia’s President Rosenthal makes speech imploring an end to international conflicts

QUENTINSBURGH- In light of all of the recent international conflicts that have picked up around the world, Freedemian President Angela Rosenthal made a speech that was less addressed to the Freedemian public and more addressed to the global community, pleading for the end goal to be peace.

Within the last year, it seems like conflicts around the world have greatly increased. Earlier this year, the Drevet-Vienna-Belphenia conflicts caused a lot of concern around the globe, although it eventually was resolved. Woolonia saw a time of such political instability that it broke in half, though it has ended mostly peacefully and the nation, now only the western part of what it used to be, is in recovery. Relations between Karolia and Belphenia have been further strained by recent events, such as the upholding of the Siikesilla ban in Belphenia and a recent music video out of Karolia. Most recently, conflicts between Suvuma and Goytakanya appear to be increasing, even with threat of military action.

“Fighting and arguing solves nothing. It hurts you, the nation you are arguing with, the citizens of those nations, and the rest of the world around you. The global community CANNOT survive and thrive when it’s this divided. There’s a better way,” Rosenthal states, “and that involves working together, despite differences.”

President Rosenthal made it very clear that an effort for peace does not mean giving up your nation’s core values. Freedemia was founded on very strong Godly values, and has continued to stick to those values in the nation’s actions over the years, even when dealing with other nations that do not share the same beliefs. Many of the nation’s Freedemia is in close relations with are very secular societies, yet they have positive relations, with primarily economic connections. Freedemia takes its values seriously in deciding every action that it makes. If a certain partnership would go against those beliefs, they don’t join that partnership, but they explain that to the nation respectfully with the attempt to  maintain good understanding and avoid conflict. Despite the major differences between Freedemia and many of its allies, Freedemia has never seen a large military conflict. Many, including Rosenthal, believe Freedemia’s handling of situations peacefully is a large reason why.

“I am in no wise saying that a nation should ever compromise their core values in an effort to have ‘peace’,” she stated speaking at the large press conference. “But what I am saying is that you can be true to your nation’s beliefs without going to war or having conflicts with those who do not believe the same. Conflicts, whether over policy, land, resources, or anything else that does not involve immediate harm to the nation, can be resolved peacefully. I DID NOT SAY they will go away. Differences can and most likely will remain. But it’s important for the international community to respect each other to avoid unnecessary conflicts.”

Freedemia has been working hard for the last century or so to keep a neutral stance on all conflicts around the world. While Freedemia has many “allies” around the world, only Woolonia is an official ally that would actually be assisted by Freedemia in the case of a conflict.

President Rosenthal also implored the international community that especially in militaristic conflicts to recognize that corrupt governments are not the same thing as corrupt citizens. “You may have a conflict with another nation’s government. that could even be justified in certain situations. But most of the time, most of the citizens of the nation are innocent bystanders, who are pleading for a resolution to the conflict. Just because a nation is ruled by a corrupt government does not mean its citizens agree.” She pointed out that in many countries, especially those with the most corruption, the nation as a population of citizens and the nation as a government are two different entities.

Rosenthal ended with some brief points about Freedemia’s benefitting from good relations, strong economic partnerships and low military costs, hoping other nations would see those as an incentive to avoid and end conflicts.


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