Belphenians denounces Karolian rap video as extremist; BRTC, MRC, Internet Council plans to block video

REMIVILLE (Belphenia State Television, TV Sakura, EROB-TV) – In an emergency meeting with the Internet Council, the Belphenia Radio and Telecommunications Council, and the Media Regulation Council, Prime Minister Erza Beard of Belphenia launched a crackdown on a Karolian rap video that offended Belphenians and the Belphenian government went viral Thursday.

It’s been a half month since the Grand Court’s ruling on the Siikesilla ban when a three-minute track from a Karolian rapper who goes by his stage name, Da Bomb, surfaced on the Internet and social media and has reached over 620,000 views on major video-sharing websites around the world. The video you’re about to see is censored and edited under BRTC regulations.

The rap video, spoken in Ingerish, starts with Da Bomb imitating former Bluesage leader and guild master Gordon Itani’s resignation speech, denouncing and mispronouncing Belphenia’s official name. ‘Live from the Pretend-ure of Blues***, People’s ************ Rep**** of Bellendia’. The scene cuts to a makeshift Bluesage office with the rapper dressed as Itani and makes his fast-paced, verbal assault on almost every part of Belphenian life. “Under penalty of lying, I hereby speak the truth and tell y’all that…”, and then, he goes on an assault. ‘I live in all the puhanned (red-haired attractive women) houses’ (unmarried couples are not allowed to live together in Belphenia) and how in this rap “I’m giving you psychiatry”, the rapper singing his way through a computer-generated imagery of the residential neighborhoods of Remiville, Zerephine City, Shadowsnow City, Cadendandra, Yalobusha, Varella, Shirahoshi, Yaelian City, Eraede, Neredge, Calumet City, and Terra Matoi.

Da Bomb then goes vicious and yells at the crowd behind him, mocking Erza Beard, Prime Minister of Belphenia, and her sister, Reiko Beard, the ceremonial First Leader of Belphenia. Due to the Belphenian government deemed the rap video is offensive, no local news station, neither national networks, nor state media across the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia cannot show a part of the video where the Karolian rapper mocks the Prime Minister and the First Leader with an offensive remark. “You try to screw ma culture, you run out of luck” proclaimed the rapper and waves his Siikesilla amulet. “Ma the king of Osmila and I wear one when I ****!” Gordon Itani is frequently referred to, as are the differences in culture and law: “You’re a weak-*** ***** sat crying on the cameras/well we was laughing at yo right to the top of the Taamras/you get no tourist cos your country ** * ****/they all come here where they can legally shmoke!/come down to ma hood if you want a vacation/cos I’m the best thing about mass immigration!” The video then cuts to panoramic views of major cities across Karolia.

Toshio Amakura, Etsuke Mamehina, and Satoshi Romara, members of Belphenia’s pop boy band Shadow’s Miracle, were furious over the Karolian rapper’s video post. “Now I am very furious because the rapper was talking trash about First Leader Reiko and the Prime Minister. Da Bomb is nothing but j**x Belphenia up, which carries the consequence of many Belphenians wanted to kick his rear end from Remiville to Erzaleria City”, Mamehina said. “The video we saw was extremist and disrespectful. We had to flag the video and filed the Defense Against Inappropriate Content (DAIC) forms to the Media Regulation Council and finally, the Belphenian Radio and Telecommunications Council and the Internet Council”, Amakura said. “The DAIC forms are heavy, legal stuff in Belphenia. It is the only way to fill out the form and put in the link to the Karolian rap video and send it to the BRTC. Then it will gain the government’s attention”, Romara said.

In Zerephine City, Mermaid Tail gave a warning speech in an emergency State of the Prefecture address, primarily denouncing the Karolian rapper’s video as extremist. “The video of a Karolian rapper that went viral today was biased… disrespectful, offensive, and extremist. Extremism will not be tolerated on the landmass of the TPKB by any means, and if we find more of these, the people who make such content will face excruciating consequences. The people of the TPKB have zero tolerance on extremism and it will never compromise the foundation of this theocratic country”, Zerie Ellenal, the faction’s leader, said Friday morning after she put much emphasis in her warning speech. In Eraede, the Knights of the Eraede faction launched public service announcements on their official website on extremism.

A Glelle-based manga artist of Belphenian anime “Orange Rage Car”, Miyoko Sanraka, posted drawings on windows and street lights depicting an orange car with the car’s rear left tire burning the Siikesilla into molten metal, and another with the Siikesilla being melted in a steel mill. She posted her remarks on social media saying “the rap video is extremist and should be deleted off the Internet. I cannot imagine some amateur rapper from Karolia do these cruel things, and I am thinking that he owes the people of Belphenia an apology, and then the Belphenian government will forgive him for his wrongdoings. If we forgave him, but if the rapper does not forgive Belphenians, then we’ll let the Almighty God deal with him”, she said.

In Magehaven, Erza Beard, Prime Minister of Belphenia, posted a rant journal on social media saying she felt that “the rap video is nothing but extremist, disrespectful, and biased made by an amateur who supports wickedness and spiritualism. The way he held up his piece of trash Siikesilla, shows Da Bomb acting like he came from ‘a spawn of Satan’. And him mocking me and my sister Reiko, we find the video being disrespectful”, she wrote. The nation’s ceremonial First Leader, Reiko Beard, posted a comment in all caps saying “EPIC FAIL” and logged out.

The rap video also gained the attention of the Internet Council, the Media Regulation Council, and the Belphenia Radio and Telecommunications Council after getting over 1,000 complaints about the rap video being extremist. The BRTC plans to block the rap video access from all Belphenian internet access to ensure that no state media, local and national news stations, should broadcast the rap video. The Internet Council of Belphenia, however, recieved at least 100 DAIC forms from users, pop bands, the samurai, anti-Karolian groups, organizations or guilds, factions, and within the government across the nation, and is expected to send out the Digital Content Regulation Act of Belphenia (DCRA) cease-and-desist notices to websites who are hosting the Gordon Itani meme images.


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