Goytakanya opens embassy in Malojdeh, establishing relations with Neo Delta

MALOJDEH – The island country of Goytakanya opened this Tuesday its embassy in Malojdeh, the capital of Neo Delta, in an effort to expand its international recognition. The government of Neo Delta had previously stated that it would recognize Goytakanya in spite of the threats of Suvuma, which claims the small Goytakanya is part of its territory.


Since Suvuma’s independence from Ingerland, ethnic conflict has been widespread, most notably between the Suvu and the Goytakano, a minority group that had occupied most high ranking positions during the colonial era. After independence the Goytakano were violently forced out of power, and many fled offshore to Goytakanya, a small island west of Suvuma. Goytakano guerrilla forces repelled Suvuma’s initial invasion attempt, but the Suvumese regime still claims Goytakanya as an integral part of its territory, and even includes the island on the map featured in its coat of arms. The tension between Suvuma and Goytakanya is a major point of potential conflict in the world today, with Suvuma’s government regularly threatening another invasion.


Neo Delta has increased its interest in the region since a referendum in Brugas, by the beginning of October, kept the islands under its domain. The government of the Neo Delta has repeatedly insisted on a Suvuma-Goytakanya treaty and argued for peace talks between the two countries without any success.

Area of the Suvuma-Goytakanya conflict
Area of the Suvuma-Goytakanya conflict

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