Former Bluesage leader Gordon Itani apologizes for opposing Siikesilla ban

SERALIA CITY – Former Bluesage leader Gordon Itani, the man who campaigned against Belphenia’s ban on the Karolian folk cultural amulets called the Siikesilla, came forward and apologized to the public on national television outlets and state media.

In a two minute live video on national news outlets including TV Sakura, Earthland Television, Angel Broadcasting, and Belphenian state media, Itani tearfully apologizes for opposing the Siikesilla ban and requested the ban lift to the Government of Belphenia in an effort to increase tourism in Bluesage.

“Under penalty of lying, I am hereby to speak the truth in good faith and be honest, and must admit my mistakes to the world. I would like to say that I am deeply sorry for campaigning against the Siikesilla ban that have offended the Government, Prime Minister Erza Beard, and her sister Reiko Beard, First Leader of Belphenia. Spiritualism involving all uses of the Siikesilla will not be tolerated on every area, every city, prefecture or state across Belphenia at all costs for the sake of the government’s religious concerns regarding the Karolian amulets under the Defense Against Wicked Activities Act. We the Bluesage prefecture government, must forgive our wrongdoings and start doing what is right in every Belphenian’s eyes, and to continue to move forward. I, Gordon Itani of Bluesage, already resigned from the Fisher’s Gate guild and as Bluesage leader. From now on, there is no leader to rule Bluesage”, Itani publicly apologized on October 11.

The former Bluesage leader also said that instead of opposing the Siikesilla ban, he said that he and the Bluesage government should seek alternatives to increase tourism and international and cultural trade through the Belphenia Tourism Agency, and government projects managed by the Housing and Urban Development Council and the Workers’ Party of Belphenia.


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