After years of debates, nudist rights amendment added to Freedemian Constitution

VANDOVER- Beaches were more crowded than usual this hot humid weekend in Freedemia. So were many parks and other locations across the country. Many were nudists enjoying the freedom to know that they were for the first time protected by the Freedemian Constitution.

Freedemia’s climate greatly contributes to the popularity of nudism in the country. It is located directly along the equator, in one of the most hot and humid locations in the world. Most Freedemians generally only wear one layer of clothing to help combat the extreme heat and humidity, and many enjoy nudism and/or topfreedom as a away to truly cool off and relax.

Its culture is also a big factor- as inappropriate behavior is greatly frowned upon in Freedemian culture, clean nudism and naturism can be more widespread without any issues with inappropriate actions or reactions. Nudism has been included in classic and modern art as well, helping make it more mainstream. 

Nudism has always been large in Freedemian culture. It has almost always been legal and mainstream at most of Freedemia’s beaches, and over half of the population were professing in-home nudists, if nothing more. However, it wasn’t until under the presidency of President Robert Kenderson, a president whose leadership was otherwise greatly frowned upon, that nudism in all public and private locations was made legal, with the exception of anywhere where being exposed was a direct safety threat, such as working with chemicals or beekeeping. That was one of the only decisions Kenderson made in office his successor President Cara Harolds did not reverse. Harolds was also a supporter of the law, often stating “it was pretty much the only thing Kenderson ever did right”.

However, debates have continued for years as some individuals, generally a small minority, fought against the change. The law basically moved Freedemia off of an indecent exposure system to an indecent behavior system, where the issue was based off of behavior being inappropriate in contrast to what was being covered or not being covered. Because of this, it basically legalized nudism and topfreedom anywhere and everywhere in the country as long as it was not a safety threat or accompanied by inappropriate behavior. It would take many quite some time to truly get used to what that meant. Many for a long period of time were still getting in trouble with police or businesses for public nudism, even though it was technically legal. The law was not always properly enforced, and issues have continued with many towns and businesses creating their own ordinances and dress codes that go against said law.

However, earlier this year, President Angela Rosenthal and the House of Decisions encouraged the rest of the legislature to pass an amendment truly protecting the rights of these citizens. Up until then, arguments had gone back and forth as to whether nudism and topfreedom were protected in the Freedemian Constitution under freedom of expression and individuality and the right to equality or unprotected due to the privacy clause. That amendment finally passed on Friday. 

Amendment 30- a quick overview

Amendment 30 does a number of things, including verify that nudism and topfreedom are included in the right to expression. It also makes it very clear that no governmental entity is allowed to create or enforce laws based off of an “indecent exposure” system, as that would violate this amendment. Dress codes are allowed, but they cannot directly be against nudism or topfreedom unless for safety purposes and cannot discriminate what needs to be covered based off of gender. The largest protection in the amendment is that “nudism and topfreedom and other non-inappropriate exposure is explicitly allowed in any location within Freedemia, public or private, where it does not cause a safety threat or involve inappropriate or disruptive behavior without discrimination of race, age, or gender”. It also creates other specific rights such as the right that no one can be forced to participate in nudism or topfreedom against their will, a large portion missing from the original law. It even allows clean nudism and topfreedom in television and in movies at the discretion of the CCF (Communication Coalition of Freedemia).

However, some still worry about how “inappropriate and disruptive” will be interpreted in later times. While the Freedemian National Court is generally well known for making reasonable decisions, some fear that the broad language used could be an open door for businesses and governments who object to disallow nudism and topfreedom.

Nevertheless, many are rejoicing at the decision and taking advantage of it. The cities of Laneston and Vandover are home to the largest population of professing nudists in Freedemia. This past weekend, parks and beaches were crowded with nudists and topfree individuals having picnics, celebrating the decision or just relaxing. Many enjoyed the freedom of going to their favorite restaurants unclothed and enjoying that freedom for the first time without fear of being kicked out or arrested. Even others just enjoyed sitting on their porches or playing in their yard without fear of legal backlash. Similar trends were seen in other cities like Quentinsburgh, Franklinsburgh, Lake Grander and Trenchent. Some, such as the Quentinsburgh Chamber of Commerce, hope that these nudist protections will be great for tourism and business. Just since Friday, business at local restaurants has increased, beach tourism has increased, and interest in visiting the area by residents of other countries has increased. The trends appear so positive that FreedemiAir is considering making Vandover/Laneston International Airport a new intercontinental hub for tourism alongside Franklinsburgh and Quentinsburgh.

Even now, however, about 23% of Freedemians disagree with the finalized decision. These are generally those who believe that nudism should be constrained to specialized beaches and other areas. Others agree fully with the topfreedom provision as a step forward in equal rights, but disagree with the universally allowing nudism portions of the bill. Others are concerned about how long it will take to change dress codes and town ordinances based off of the old system. Debates will likely continue, but it is clear that the government has taken a stance on the issue for the time being.


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