Airports required to change codes to new ANACA system

MALOJDEH – The Assembly of Nations Agency for Civil Aviation (ANACA) has issued a declaration requiring commercial airports throughout the globe to adapt to the new ANACA code system that has been sanctioned last July. A commission of more than ten member states of ANACA reunited in Malojdeh, Neo Delta, have created the code system together and plenty of airports in several countries have already changed their codes to conform to the new system. The new code system aims at better organizing the codes of airports for easier identification and monitoring.

New rules

The ANACA-Code is a four-letter code system used worldwide for airports dedicated to civil aviation. The first letter refers to a geographic region (see map below). The second letter refers, usually, to the country where the airport is located, although that premise is not mandatory. The third and fourth letters are used differently, but most countries use a two-letter abbreviation of the respective airport here. The ANACA-Code (four-letter) must not be confused with the WAAT (former IAT) code system (three letter). In most countries, ANACA and WAAT codes are unrelated. However, some countries opt by using as the ANACA-Code the first “region letter” followed by the three letters of the WAAT code system. Note that not all airports are assigned codes in both systems; for example, airports that do not have airline services might not have a WAAT code. ANACA-Codes, on the other hand, are mandatory to every kind of airport, although the commercial airports are the ones the organization have asked to comply with the change sooner.

New ANACA Code System

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