Freedemia running out of phone numbers in highly populated states

QUENTINSBURGH- For the longest, Quentinsburghians and people from all over Freedemia have enjoyed the simplicity of the Freedemian Phone Dialing system. Under the system, phone numbers consist of two parts- a two digit state or toll free code, so call receivers always know where their calls were coming from, and a randomized seven digit number, so numbers generally are as simple as (01) 234-5678. However, this may be about to change.

This system was created during the first booms in the popularity of the telephone in 1938. As well as the system works, its creators never really looked at the issue of differences in population from state to state. With the system, only the seven digit randomized number changes, so each state is basically given 9,999,999 possible phone numbers. In 1938, the idea that there would ever be that many people with telephones was laughed at, and it was thought that that was a very reasonable amount. However, a lot has changed since the creation of that system. With the introductions of teletypewriters (TTY) and multiple numbers for businesses and individuals, there are a lot more phone numbers being used now than in the 1930s.

The system still works perfectly fine in mostly undeveloped states like Henshaw and Wellsylvania. Despite their huge size in comparison to other Freedemian states, their populations are the lowest, and they still see nearly 5 million numbers not in use. However, Quentins and Franklins states are starting to face issues. The population of Quentins state is over 8 million, and Franklins state isn’t far behind. However, with all of those residents and businesses, these states are literally running out of open phone numbers. At last check, about 9,884,261 phone numbers were actively in use in Quentins state, with more being added every day and very few being deactivated. States like Franklins, Reeds, and Anneita saw similar stats.

The Communication Coalition of Freedemia met in an emergency session Wednesday with leaders of major Freedemian phone providers and communication companies, looking to find a solution for the issue. They were able to come up with a possible plan to solve the issue that would involve adding more state codes.

Currently under the system, each state gets a simple single “state code”, as explained below.

  • 00- Toll Free
  • 01- Quentins 
  • 02- Reeds
  • 03- Graham
  • 04- Franklins
  • 05- Trenchent
  • 06- Guijarros
  • 07- North
  • 08- Henshaw
  • 09- Wellsylvania 
  • 10- Anneita
  • 11- Savvenah

However, under the proposed system, new state codes would be created to help alleviate the issue. Plans are for 21-31 to become additional state codes alongside existing ones. Each number would correspond to the similar number (in other words, 01 and 21 would both be Quentins, 02 and 22 Reeds, etc). The code 99 would also be created, reserved for government numbers. 20 would become an additional toll free marker, and neighboring autonomous province Nature would be invited to join the system with codes 12 and 32. There was also the proposal of having TTY numbers having codes changed to 40-51, but this idea has mostly been turned down. this is how numbers would change under the new format-

  • 00 and 20- Toll Free
  • 01 and 21- Quentins 
  • 02 and 22- Reeds
  • 03 and 23- Graham
  • 04 and 24- Franklins
  • 05 and 25- Trenchent
  • 06 and 26- Guijarros
  • 07 and 27- North
  • 08 and 28- Henshaw
  • 09 and 29- Wellsylvania 
  • 10 and 30- Anneita
  • 11 and 31- Savvenah
  • If decided to join system, 12 and 32- Nature
  • 99- Freedemian Government 

There are many benefits of this new idea, such as people being able to keep their number and the system staying mostly the same in design. This system would also double the capacity of the network to 19,999,998 numbers per state. However, while this system would likely solve most of the issues, it would likely also cause some issues in itself. People would no longer just be able to dial a number and pull the state code from memory, as (01) 222-2222 and (21) 222-2222, while still for the same state, would be two different people. There would also be a massive change in Freedemian Government phone numbers, which could temporarily cause large issues. Some also talked about the massive amount of (08), (28), (09), and (29) numbers that would not be used in already underpopulated states Henshaw and Wellsylvania. However, currently it appears this is the best option to resolve the issue, and the CCF appears to be going ahead with the change.



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