Neo Delta’s Banneg airport granted “international” status

BANNEG – The airport of the city of Banneg, in southwest Neo Delta, was granted today the status of “international airport”. It is the sixth airport in the country to be elevated to that category. The city is an important industrial center and its harbor is considered strategic by the government. Delta City, Old City, Norve, Ezajun and the capital, Malojdeh, already have international airports with regular flights to other nations.

The next airport to receive this status in Neo Delta will be East Zaudge airport, which serves the city that is bidding to host the next Winter Geolimpyad, in 2018, followed by Taiago airport, in Brugas. Both of them are temporarily closed and are schedule to reopen in the next month, after the necessary infrastructure is set. In order to be an international airport the facilities have to follow all the requirements indicated by the Assembly of Nations Agency for Civil Aviation

Banneg International Airport

The first international flight to happen in Banneg will be to Tara, besides that, the airport will also have new flights to Brugas after the reform of Taiago airport. Both DeltAir and DeltaWings will operate in Banneg with domestic flights. The reopening of the airport is schedule to happen next Sunday.


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