Belphenia Grand Court upholds Siikesilla ban

REMIVILLE – On September 30, the Grand Court of Belphenia’s decision came to a historic victory for the samurai, the national religious police and Great Heart, as the head judge Luisa Windmere declared that the Belphenian government uphold the Siikesilla ban indefinitely. It was also confirmed that the Grand Court has ordered Gordon Itani to resign immediately from Bluesage office and the Fisher’s Gate faction, and was fined 750,000S in civil damages and restitution.

In a 7-1 ruling, the theocratic nation’s highest court ruled that the actions of Bluesage leader Gordon Itani and other Bluesage prefecture government officials involved in overturning the Siikesilla ban is unconstitutional.

“It is wonderful to see the Siikesilla ban being upheld by the government, because it protects the people of the TPKB from such “wicked spirit forces”, said a Fallbellia religious police officer, who also used the abbreviation of Belphenia’s official name, the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia, according to EKAL-TV in Carthage, Fallbellia.

Seralia leader Mark Tremont and Seraphina leader Ryutaro Onodera campaigned against Itani since September 16 by means of addressing to the public through local news outlets and public service announcements until the Grand Court came to the final decision. “We did it. First Leader’s happy, her sister was relieved, and Belphenia is spiritually safe and sound.” Onodera said when he stumbled across the Remiville local news media. “It’s over. The Siikesilla and their “wicked spirit forces” will be destroyed, and Gordon Itani of Fisher’s Gate deserves a resignation ordered by the government”, said Mark Tremont and walked to his car.

“Gordon Itani was nothing but a weak Bluesage leader only to bring back the Siikesilla to expand tourism. If Elena Heartfilia was still alive and saw this, she would do nothing but to shed tears and shun the government if the ban was overturned. This was why Elena hated amulets and other magical objects. We, the people of the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia, condemns all uses of the Siikesilla and other magical objects due to many religious concerns from Belphenians”, said Erza Beard, Prime Minister of Belphenia when she addressed the nation on the afternoon of October 2.

Itani paid the 750,000S fine and resigned as Bluesage leader and guild master of Fisher’s Gate on October 3 and is expected to make a live, public apology on national news outlets on October 11, according to BCSD-TV in Varella, Bluesage. Under the Defense Against Wicked Activities Act (DAWAA) of Belphenia, people who were imprisoned for just possessing the Siikesilla will not be released from prison or hard labor.


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