Zenergy Electronics, formerly QuinTech’s biggest hardware manufacturer, announces new OS and computer line

SAN GRANDE, FREEDEMIA- Zenergy Electronics, famous for their televisions, radios, DVD players and once the largest manufacturer of QuinTech personal computers, has announced they’re entering the computer market on their own this time. Yesterday they revealed an operating system and a beta line of devices about ten years in the making.

This had been going on for quite some time behind the scenes. Originally Zenergy made most of their profits of radios, and later, televisions. In about 2005, after they had begun making computers, Zenergy, mainly a hardware builder, began trying to make their own operating system. however, it was around that time that business with QuinTech grew by leaps and bounds, so the project, then called Operation ZSoft, referencing the fact that up until that point they had done hardware, fell under the radar. However, around 2010, as larger competitors like Stepstone Technology emerged into the market, Zenergy realized QuinTech was probably on its last leg. The project started up again behind the scenes, not wanting QuinTech to know and take their business to one of their competitors (at the time, they were mostly scared of Technisonic, a similar company who also built a smaller amount of QuinTech computers and even now is Zenergy’s biggest competition with televisions and other devices). QuinTech had even commissioned Zenergy to help make the first ever line of QuinTech mobile devices. However, in 2013, QuinTech basically pulled the rug out from underneath Zenergy Electronics- QuinTech decided to try and build their own hardware for new devices, with the hope of creating a better user experience. While QuinTech would ultimately fail, going under in late 2015, this propelled Zenergy into action, directing almost all of their research and development team to begin working on a new software project, now known as Zcompute.

The result of all those years of work were revealed yesterday at a technology event in San Grande. Zenergy’s presentation started off with the guise of revealing a new television, only to show the true innovation was their new system. 

Dubbed officially ZcomputeOS Beta for desktops and laptops and ZmobileOS Beta for phones and tablets, the operating system takes a step back towards the QuinTech days. The user interface on ZcomputeOS is based around a circle in the bottom left corner (though it can be moved to any corner through settings) with the signature “Z” logo on it. When scrolled over, the circle expands to show a large window across the bottom of the screen, with access to notifications, programs, a search bar, settings, and power options, similar to the “QuinTech Bar” at the bottom of QuinTech devices and the options that can be reached through the “StepBar” at the bottom of the screens of StepstoneOS desktop and laptop computers. However, unlike with StepstoneOS, ZmobileOS for mobile devices is based around the same circle, except that it is a “Z” button on phones and tablets.

Along with this came the advantage of years of hardware technology from Zenergy-built DVD players and CD-ROM readers, as well as the expertise from building the nation’s most popular computers for almost a decade.

Zenergy has several things going for it, but several struggles they will have to face to compete. They were able to make sure the system is entirely compatible with QuinOS, a feature StepstoneOS is in the midst of building in now. However, Stepstone actually owns QuinOS now, and has free access to all of the original software, so Zenergy will have an uphill battle attempting to create an equally seamless environment. Zenergy’s biggest advantage is their knowledge of hardware, but even now the devices that have been released are the beta models, with very high quality hardware, but with lots of room for improvements. The operating systems and the devices themselves are still in development. Zenergy has stated that they will release updates to the system as it improves for those few who choose to try it out now, and the prices of the beta devices is far lower than the prices that the full devices will be once perfected. When the phones cost about a third of an equivalent Stepstone phone, it gives more of an incentive to try Zenergy’s devices to at least see how they work. Stepstone had the advantage of already having a semi-successful system before StepstoneOS that helped them get a foothold while they developed a new system. Since Zenergy doesn’t have that advantage, releasing the beta versions as they continue to improve the system is the best thing they can do right now.

This creates a whole new dynamic for Stepstone Technology. When QuinTech collapsed, Stepstone CEO Skyler Stephenson appeared to believe they’d have less domestic competition; however, it’s appearing very different than that- With other experienced companies like MegamerGames and Zenergy entering the market for mobile devices and personal computers in ways they can do well in, (MegamerGames making a phone-capable handheld gaming console, Zenergy creating a new computer line) Stepstone may actually see more domestic competition than they ever have since creating StepstoneOS in 2010.


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