Majority decides Brugas remains as part of Neo Delta

TAIAGO – The inhabitants of the Brugas archipelago have voted on a referendum this Friday regarding the independence of the islands, which currently are defined as one of the 47 states of Neo Delta. The overseas territory is home to around 300,000 people and it is located in southern Uletha. More than 150,000 voters participated on the referendum and the results of recent polls were confirmed around 1 a.m. in the morning, on Saturday.  More than 91% of the voters decided that Brugas remains as a state of Neo Delta, rejecting the independence of the territory. Brugas in the only state in Neo Delta to have a special status of overseas territory, although every state in the country is partially self-governing and is afforded a high degree of autonomy.


Brugas archipelago is formed by ten major islands and several islets east of the Plurinesian Sea. The islands were colonized by Neo Deltans who have migrated during the deltese diaspora and were considered part of Neo Delta since the latter became an independent country more the two centuries ago. The islands are the only part of the country located outside Astrasia, The referendum of this Friday was a campaign promise of the current government of Neo Delta, that aimed to answer those inhabitants of Brugas who claimed the distance and the different culture and climate of the islands made the Neo Delta rule debatable.

Location of Brugas
Location of Brugas

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