Unruly Bluesage lawmakers disrupts Belphenia Grand Court ruling

REMIVILLE – A dozen of Bluesage lawmakers supporting Bluesage leader Gordon Itani’s efforts of overturning the ban on the Siikesilla, became unruly during the Grand Court’s initial meeting since Friday, delaying the final decision on whether Belphenia would uphold or overturn the ban, according to Belphenia State Television, the country’s state-run news broadcaster.

Luisa Windmere, the Grand Court’s head judge, tried to get the unruly Bluesage leaders to stop disrupting the court meeting and making rants about the Siikesilla ban. But one Bluesage lawmaker, Deanna Mure, slammed her laptop on the defense table and starts an angry outburst with the judge, blaming an Edaleria religious police force who had Edaleria lawmakers to create the Siikesilla ban in July 2012.

On Saturday, Sunday, and Monday’s meetings, Mure was up to her usual: outbursts, insults, cursing, and sometimes blaming the Sword of the Neredgers faction for enforcing the ban in the state of Northwest Belphenia. “I am not going to lie, but the Sword of the Neredgers were at fault for enforcing the Siikesilla ban by expelling people out of the guild for possessing the amulets from Karolia”, she said.

But the religious police had enough of Mure and the Bluesage lawmakers’ angry outbursts. “Their thoughts on the Siikesilla ban is absolutely botched”, said Kayeil Rockspell, leader of the Workers’ Party of Belphenia. Another judge, Nolan Rourke, downplayed Mure’s opinions as “spiritually disgusting”, according to national news outlets including Earthland News Network and Sakura News Center.

On Tuesday, Mure and other Bluesage lawmakers started angry outbursts again during the Grand Court decision until Belphenia’s prime minister walked inside the courtroom and denounces their support with Gordon Itani’s overturning the Siikesilla ban as “promoting wicked spirit forces in which it can compromise the spiritual might of the Theocratic People’s Kingdom of Belphenia”, prime minister Erza Beard said in disgust. Before the court meeting ends, Luisa Windmere ordered Deanna Mure and other Bluesage lawmakers to leave the courtroom.

State and national lawmakers, legal guild organizations, government agencies, and the religious police will cooperate with each other and review Itani’s case and his involvement in overturning the Siikesilla ban in all Belphenian states and prefectures, before making the final decision in the near future.

The Grand Court’s final decision will take place on September 30 on whether the Belphenian government uphold or overturn the Siikesilla ban.


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