Freedemian Spending Reduction and Fund Reallocation Act (SRAFRA) now law

QUENTINSBURGH- It’s official- as President Angela Rosenthal signed the act this morning, the Freedemian Spending Reduction and Fund Reallocation Act has become law. The act was passed by the House of Populus and the House of Equal Representation yesterday, with a huge majority in support of the bill. 

In the House of Populus, only Reeds state voted 5 out of 6 opposed, mainly for fear that the military reductions were too drastic and since it was home to Fort Elwood Military Base that their state would see negative effects of the reduction, even without threat of war. 

In the House of Equal Representation, the decision was far more landslide with 30 out of 33 representatives voting in favor, with only two from Reeds State and one from Anneita State voting against.

The act, which mainly consists of reducing presidential campaign funding, reducing military spending and reallocating those and other funds to healthcare, education, technology and transportation, was primarily the brainchild of Vice President Tom Morganson. 

Since the proposal of the bill, the public’s view of Morganson has greatly improved- while just less than a month ago he had about a 48% approval rating and about 49% indifferent, he now has about 73% approving of his work in office, higher than even his ratings as mayor of Graham City beforehand. He has mentioned several times that he has learned a lot from working alongside President Rosenthal, and he says that’s one of the reasons his leadership has improved since before the 2014 election.

So far, within the two years or so they’ve been in charge, the Rosenthal-Morganson administration has done more than any other administration in the same time, with the exception of previous president Cara Harolds, who spent a lot of her time as president working to quickly fix problems created by her predecessors.

President Rosenthal hopes that SRAFRA would also help move the country towards some of her other goals, such as reemerging as a world leader in education and technological innovation, further improving the transportation network, including high frequency high speed commuter rail, and continuing to have positive peaceful relations with the rest of the world.


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