Progress Party rejects Bast Hulme Gabiř as prime minister of Řots after a month of negotiations

(Nekkar, 27 September 2015) – After a small month of intense negotiations, the Progress Party (PA) has rejected Bast Hulme Gabiř as the new prime minister of Řots. Bast Hulme Gabiř, the popular non-partizan Dakarevu Ebit (ombudsman), was put forward by the Constitutional Court just before New Year. PA Leader Bekřa Upel Urana announced his party’s decision in the early morning, after another night of talks with Bekřa Upel Urana and representatives of the Workers’ Party ŘPP and other left-wing parties that supported the Court’s candidate, claiming that the PA in order to make this government work, had to accept too many ‘unwelcome policies’. “Especially the ŘPP have done their very best to promise us alternative policies to make accepting a government under Bast Hulme Gabiř more worthwile for us, but it just wasn’t enough”, Bekřa Upel Urana said.

This means that the Constitutional Court has to present another candidate within five days. It is widely expected that Vervets Bekřa Nureet, the leader of the Farmers’ Party (DP) that won last month’s parliamentary elections, will now be given a chance to form a government. In this case again, it will be the PA who will act as kingmaker; without it, the DP and the Feudal Party PP will be unable to find a suitable majority in the Řosu Git, the parliament of Řots.

Still incumbent prime minister Kar Basil Ītase (who will remain in office until her successor has been officially appointed) criticised both the Court and the political parties, including her own, the ŘPP, that the first round of negotiations has taken too long and caused the country to loose precious time. Although not the longest government formation ever yet, the current one has indeed taken more time than usual.


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