MegamerGames throws curveball, announces GamePhone Supernova, New Snapster App Series, GameApp Marketplace

QUENTINSBURGH- Freedemia’s MegamerGames has done it again, and this time they’ve entered a completely new market.

At yesterday’s press conference and release event, MegamerGames announced the release of a new version of their new handheld GameOne Supernova console- as a phone. Along with the new device, Megamer announced new initiatives for the mobile world.

MegamerGames is creating a new GameApp Marketplace that will be home to lots of smaller games, including some of the classics, like Superb Runnerdude. Some games, especially the new collections, will only be available for the GamePhone Supernova, while others, primarily the classics, will also be available for the GameOne Supernova. Many smaller games will be available free, such as one called 4Pong, where up to four players play Pong on a four-sided squarish screen. Bigger games will likely cost a minimal amount, more comparable to the price of an app than the price of a game cartridge. Demo versions of new games that are not available through the GameApp Marketplace will also be available for about fc75 each.

They’ve also announced a new Snapster the Turtle App game series, each game costing about f’1 for the GamePhone Supernova and about f’8 for Stepstone devices. These games will only be available as apps for mobile devices, so only owners of either the GamePhone Supernova or a Stepstone phone or tablet (currently, Megamer is hoping to work with other tech companies around the world to have apps for their app stores as well) will have access to this new series. The series will consist of games especially designed to work well on mobile devices, and will include new features for the touchscreen not seen on any other versions. Other new games optimized for mobile devices will also be released eventually in a similar manner.

Stepstone Technology may have seriously good reason to be concerned. With QuinTech gone, Stepstone is technically the only domestic company widely producing popular devices like phones and tablets, though there is some international competition. However, with the release of the GamePhone Supernova, they will have serious competition on phones. Megamer’s specialty may be games, but with a comprehensive GameApp Marketplace and basic functions, such as a calendar, email, internet browser and texting, these GamePhones running on GameOneOS may be a huge factor in the Freedemian and international markets. Megamer has made it clear that they’ve entered this sector for good, too.

The phones themselves are comparable to a very low end smartphone with a limited app store, such as the Stepstone phones before StepstoneOS or the few QuinTech phones released last year. However, the game functions are deliberately just as strong as on the original GameOne Supernova. The phone was built around the gaming console, in contrast to the console being built around the phone. The device is slightly more rectangular than the original system and the touchscreen is larger; however, the buttons are at the top and bottom (left and right of the screen if playing a game). It utilizes some features that are also included in the GameOne Supernova that no one knew about until now, such as the ability to play certain games in portrait. (No such games have been released yet, but they will be very soon.) 

While they have been working on these plans since around 2010, the demise of QuinTech showed MegamerGames that mobile devices would have to be a huge factor in their future. MegamerGames will be working on more than just games from now on, but still with the focus being on the gaming aspect.

“I want to make it very clear that the GamePhone Supernova is a gaming console, not a smartphone,” CEO Lee Burmikael explains. “However, it’s a GameOne console with phone capabilities, which helps us reach a new audience. If your priority is the console, and not the phone, I’d recommend it.”

The GamePhone Supernova will release for about f’350 (three hundred and fifty Freedins), about the price of a medium quality Stepstone phone. The GameOne Supernova will remain about f’100.

MegamerGames also announced a couple less significant but equally awesome new things at the event, such as the long awaited Snapster 3D Go 2 game, a sequel to Snapster’s one successful three-dimensional video game from the early 2000’s, and the new game Legend of Karla- Ricardo’s Revenge, the next in a long running series that took a hiatus in 2007. Other free games besides the game 4Pong include 4Brickbreak, where bricks are broken from all four sides by up to four players, and AngryTurtle, a Snapster inspired 128-bit game where Snapster slingshots radishes at Dr. Harebrain and his inventions, trying to destroy them all.


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