Belphenian Grand Court to decide whether to overturn Siikesilla ban

REMIVILLE (Sakura News Center) – The Grand Court of Belphenia agreed on whether to decide to overturn the ban on the Siikesilla under Bluesage leader Gordon Itani’s request.

The decision came in days since Bluesage prefecture leader Gordon Itani complained about the declining tourism industry in Bluesage, blaming the government for hinder Bluesage’s tourism by imposing the ban on the Siikesilla in a government meeting where Itani’s complaints about the ban drove Belphenian prime minister Erza Beard to anger. He recently argued that the Karolian government is looking to expand international trade opportunities and cultural trade.

“I really know now why Bluesage leader Gordon Itani drove all the way from Bluesage to get the government to lift the ban on that trash Siikesilla. That’s a load of nonsense”, Erza Beard said during an emergency meeting with the Belphenian government and the national religious police in Remiville’s Scarlet Heart Gardens on September 21.

Belphenia’s ceremonial leader Reiko Beard said that she decided to help Itani to add more tourist attractions and resorts to the affected area rather than eliminating the Siikesilla ban, but Itani refuses Reiko’s offer and walked out of the meeting place. “He seems he doesn’t know how to focus on other good things that doesn’t involve Karolia’s amulets, the Siikesilla”, a religious police officer said. Itani eventually walked back inside the meeting place with Seralia City mayor Marie Dunn.

Dunn, angered, walked up to the podium before the Grand Court judge and told the judge that Itani should not focus on the Siikesilla and explained that she opposes Itani’s actions. She also explained that the local governments in Seralia Prefecture spent much time on stopping the Bluesage leader from traveling to Remiville and had been warning Itani that dealing with Erza Beard, Prime Minister of Belphenia, “is serious business”, said Katelyn Oshani, a member of the Workers’ Party of Belphenia.

The national religious police also denounced Itani’s actions as “promoting wicked activities with the Siikesilla and should resign as Bluesage leader”, said Josh Koenig, the leader of the religious police while standing before Luisa Windsea, the Grand Court’s head judge serving the prefecture and state of Sakura.

Windsea said that the Grand Court ruling will take place September 25 on whether to decide to overturn or uphold the Siikesilla ban in all Belphenian states and prefectures. If the ban was overturned, people who possess the Siikesilla will be released from prisons and detention centers immediately.


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