Bluesage leader vows to challenge Belphenia’s Siikesilla ban, angers Prime Minister and Ceremonial Leader

REMIVILLE – BREAKING NEWS – Bluesage leader Gordon Itani vows to challenge Belphenia’s ban on one of Karolia’s folk cultural elements, the Siikesilla, in a debate with the Belphenian government since September 11.

The Bluesage leader took the challenge from the Seralia Supreme Court, to the Grand Court of Belphenia, stating that the ban on the Siikesilla and other Karolian culture have been “hurting the tourism industry” across Bluesage Prefecture. “The Government of Belphenia should consider seeking to leave an appeal to the Grand Court in the Karolian Tension involving the Siikesilla ban”, he said.

The next day on September 12, Itani traveled to Remiville, Sakura to bring the proposed lifting of the Siikesilla ban from local, prefecture, and state courts to Grand Court, sources from TV Sakura (Sakura News Center) said.

Three days later, on September 16, Prime Minister Erza Beard of Belphenia was briefed by John Crenshalee, a member of the Workers’ Party, that Itani is complaining about and challenging the ban on the Siikesilla with the government and stating that Karolia and the Karolian government is looking for trade opportunities and cultural exchange between other nations. The complaints from Itani angered the prime minister to the point that Erza Beard had to summon the Belphenian ceremonial leader, Reiko Beard, in a private meeting. Angered, she summoned the Belphenian religious police to the briefing room to talk to the Bluesage leader to counter the challenge, deeming the Siikesilla are “nothing but magic, and wicked spirit forces”, said one member of the religious police. Itani continued to get the prime minister and the Belphenian government to overturn the Siikesilla ban throughout the meeting, Erza’s sister, Reiko walked out of the briefing room. Disgusted, the First Leader of Belphenia told Erza that she denounced Itani’s actions regarding overturning the ban as “a form of bringing grave reproach to Great Heart and the people of Belphenia”. Angered, Erza Beard walked back to the briefing room and have an emergency meeting be taken place in the Scarlet Heart Gardens. After the briefing session ended, the prime minister calls Itani as a “hypocritical puppet”. Reiko Beard, however, called Itani “an agent of wickedness and an unloving ruler of Bluesage who doesn’t deserve ruling a prefecture. This man should focus on positive, spiritual activities rather than focusing on wicked stuff”, she said.

It is unknown whether Belphenia and Karolia may likely get into another debate between the two countries as Karolia seeks to expand trade opportunities and cultural trade onto Belphenian soil, according to Belphenian state media.

Under Itani’s request, the Grand Court ruling will take place on September 25, 2015, to decide whether the government uphold or strike down the ban. While many Karolians wait for the Grand Court’s decision on the ban, they are eager to see the ban be struck down in the near future. If the ban was struck down, those who imprisoned for possessing the magical amulets will be immediately released from prison.


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