While Woolonia has stabilized, rebuilding process moving very slowly, concerning Woolonian and Freedemian leaders

WOOLPORT- Recent reports from Woolonia’s temporary capital show the rebuilding process is moving extremely slowly.

Woolonia has very recently stabilized after a period of intense internal conflict. The conflict resulted in the breakout of East Woolonia, and left already politically unstable Woolonia in a dangerous state.

Financial recovery has been going significantly well. Since the end of the conflict early this year, through the creation of WIFTA (Woolonian International Free Trade Agreement) and other new economic development initiatives, Woolonia’s unique sheep and goat centered economy has boomed.

However, other programs have been going much slower. Woolport has seen some minor changes, such as airport and port improvements. Significant plans to redevelop major parts of New Wooley were announced in July, including rebuilding and fixing up government centers and buildings, creating a metro system and improvements to the road system. However very little has actually been done so far and nothing appears to be moving forward. Other cities such as Centerport have been practically untouched since the conflict and are still in a state of disrepair. Big plans had been announced for a new Eco-friendly high density development in the mostly abandoned city of Las Ovejas, but it appears it will be a very long time before any of those plans come to anything.

In no way are conditions unlivable. In cities like Woolport and New Wooley, quality of life is still somewhat good for the residents; rural citizens are living in rural underdeveloped towns; and the job outlook for the sheep economy from herding to shearing to actual manufacturing is looking very good. However, at this rate the nation is still in a steady state of not moving forward. The government is still operating out of a temporary location in Woolport because New Wooley has not been properly prepared to be the capital again. While quality of living in Woolonia are still very good and at a first world level, these are issues that need to be addressed.

Freedemian President Angela Rosenthal and Freedemian Secretary of Domestic Security Zachary Orwell will be meeting with Woolonian President Ferdinand Sealy and other national leaders later this week to discuss the lack of progress. Freedemia has become a very close ally with Woolonia since the end of the conflict, and while currently this has not become an extremely large problem, Freedemian leaders hope to nip the issue in the bud to help Woolonia truly get back on its feet.

President Rosenthal explained in a press conference on Saturday that what concerns Woolonia concerns her and other Freedemian leaders and citizens. Freedemia has given Woolonia a lot of support for these projects, including financially, with the goal of speeding up the recovery process. Rosenthal mentioned that if a way to improve the lack of progress could not be easily reached, Freedemia may have to think twice about financial assistance to Woolonia, while they still want to remain close allies in foreign relations and trade.

Originally, the Woolonian government was supposed to have moved back to a slowly improving New Wooley by the beginning of August. It currently does not look like that move will be happening until sometime closer to December, if then. Woolport’s role as temporary capital will continue until then.

“We want to see Woolonia get back on its feet, because the more stable our allies are, the more stable we are as a nation”, stated President Rosenthal.

Woolonian President Ferdinand Sealy released this statement- “We look forward to meeting with the leadership of our close ally Freedemia. We have also been very unhappy with the slow recovery process and are very open to new ideas to help the situation improve.”


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