Freedemian National Court rules PLAG an Unconstitutional Political Party, Violation of Amendment 13; Former Presidents Graham and Kenderson to face trial

QUENTINSBURGH- This week, a verdict came in that could change the future of activists groups in Freedemia- and politicians’ involvement in them. On Friday, the Freedemian National Court ruled that a well known group known as the People’s Liberal Activist Group, better known as PLAG, was an unconstitutional and illegal political party and would be eliminated. 

Under Amendment 13 of the Freedemian Constitution, ratified in the 1950s after a significantly more partisan period in Freedemian politics created issues, political parties and ‘implied political parties’ that contain groups of politicians and their supporters working together for a specific political agenda and providing funding for members who work to further said agenda are explicitly banned within Freedemia.

Some groups, however, have tried to replace that role with more public groups, or activist groups, that often serve the same purpose as the equivalent political party. In the past, some quite legitimate groups had to scale back their operations because they were becoming too much like a political party. One such group was the Freedemian Association for International Trade, a group which started off as the public supporting Freedemia’s move into a global economy, but at one point became more of a political group about policies that should be taken to make that move. Since then, FAIT has scaled back that portion as needed and has been a leading force in helping Freedemia make the move into an international economy.

However, the ruling against PLAG was much harsher. Looking closer at the evidence, the panel of judges realized that 96% of members of PLAG were politicians and their supporters. They also discovered the group was giving its members “Community Grants”, or funding that helped support the agenda of the group. PLAG operated under the ‘model’ of a community activist group to work for changes and policies they believed in; however, it became obvious this was a guise. Unlike other groups which had over time become more politically based on accident, the People’s Liberal Activist Group had been created from the getgo as a group for a hidden political purpose under the disguise of a community group.

This hit the news even harder because former presidents Harris Graham and Robert Kenderson, both known for their extremely liberal decisions, were leaders in the PLAG association. Further evidence revealed that both had received large amounts of money for their campaigns from PLAG in addition to the money they legally gained from the Freedemian Funding Party. (This is an illegal process, as the FFP was created so that all candidates for president are on equal footing with funding.)

Furthermore, Graham and Kenderson further broke FFP a regulations by running together behind the scenes while creating a charade that made it appear they were fierce competitors. This charade was a large part of how even after Graham’s horrible leadership, a large enough amount of Freedemians thought Kenderson was the best choice. Kenderson’s Vice President Marco Nelson had no clue any of this was going on, and has been cleared of any responsibility or involvement.

This creates a very significant precedent for future cases. This ruling means the government has the right to examine the practices of various so-called activist groups and if they appear too much like a political party, they will be given either a warning or federal charges.

Former Presidents Graham and Kenderson will both face trial later this month. Their violations from being a member of PLAG will not be charged against them as PLAG was still at the time not classified as a political party and technically a legal group, but their taking money from PLAG and various groups and their lying and rigging during those elections could land them thirty to forty years in federal prison.


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