Mermaid Tail’s Miyake Hisaki charged with embezzlement, lying in Zerephine City suburb

ZEREPHINE CITY – Today is not a good day at Mermaid Tail. Miyake Hisaki, Mermaid Tail’s pirate, and ruler of a Zerephine City suburb Sabreton, was arrested by the Erzanna State Tactical Forces and Sabreton police Tuesday afternoon. Hisaki was arraigned Wednesday in the Broken Castle County Court on charges that he embezzled 30,000,000S from the Mermaid Tail guild, and lying to the faction’s leader.

Miyake Hisaki, 38, of Linlyn, Erzanna, is charged with two counts of embezzlement by another Mermaid Tail member, Lena Baywell over 50,000S, which is a felony that carries exile or a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and 15 years of hard labor.

A Sabreton prosecutor said Hisaki worked for Mermaid Tail for eight years since the Volkman era. Another prosecutor noted that the felony charge of embezzlement by a member within the guild would bring “grave reproach” to the Mermaid Tail guild.

Zerie Ellenal, the faction’s leader, was deeply saddened after hearing the news of Hisaki’s arrest in Sabreton. Her thoughts became puzzled on why an Erzanna pirate embezzle such large amounts of the Belphenian sapphire, and said that “the members of Mermaid Tail did not knew Hisaki was being involved in his own embezzlement scheme until the Belphenia State Tactical Forces, the National Association of Guilds, and the Defense Intelligence Council came up our guildhall’s doors, and I was ordered to expel him out of the faction immediately upon his arrival.” She also said that Hisaki told her that he was going on a quest in Shadowsnow City to help local pirates relocate ships from an old harbor to the Port of Shadowsnow. Another Mermaid Tail member also told investigators that Hisaki hacked the faction’s funds from the recent 2015 Zerephine City Geolympiad Proposal at approximately 1:30a.m. local time and gave the 15,000,000S to a Sabreton mayor and the other 15,000,000S to Baywell in efforts to fire city workers and promoting new executives, and buying a condominium in Seraphina City.

Investigators said that Hisaki drove his car to Memphia, then Edohanesse, Zerephine, and finally Nefertiri, Hailagord to meet up with Baywell instead of going to Shadowsnow City according to Hisaki’s GPS tracking history. Nancy Burdett, a samurai who works for Mermaid Tail, told investigators that Hisaki even lied to the faction’s leader and other members about going to Shadowsnow Prefecture to help move ships to a new harbor.

Lena Baywell, 33, of Sentinel City who is an elite member of Mermaid Tail, and Saberton mayor Yona Lethanan, 37, were also charged with one count of embezzlement.

In efforts of responding to orders carried out by the Defense Intelligence Council and the National Association of Guilds, Ellenal immediately gathered every member of Mermaid Tail and the Zerephine City news media in an emergency meeting and publicly announced the expulsion (and excommunication) of Hisaki and Baywell, she said that “Miyake Hisaki and Lena Baywell are hereby expelled from Mermaid Tail for embezzlement and are forbidden to make any contact with the people of the Zerephine and Erzanna prefectures”. This announcement gained national attention to an embezzlement crisis after Mermaid Tail expelled the two members. Laura Windfox, 24, of Linlyn, who resigned from the faction in January 2015, was recruited back to the faction by Ellenal to rule Sabreton despite Windfox’s seasickness.

Hisaki, Baywell, and Lethanan will appear in the Shirahoshi State Court on September 15. If convicted, the three offenders will face numerous restrictions on joining other guilds and organizations when ruling an area, a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, 15 years of hard labor, and 10 years of exile.


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