Constitutional Court proposes Bast Hulme Gabiř as candidate prime minister of Řots

(Nekkar, 6 September 2015) – On Eppezurta (the 4th day of the week, ed.) the election committee has announced the official results of the elections that were held last week. According to these, the Farmers’ Party (DP) narrowly won the popular vote with 20,23% of the votes, followed by the Progress Party (PA) with 20,15%, and the Workers’ Party (ŘPP) with 20,05%. The seat division will be as more or less indicated by the first exit poll on election night: Farmers (DP) 10, Workers (ŘPP) 9, Feudal Party (PP) 8, Progress (PA) 7, Republicans (PS) 6, Shared Possession (PBS) 4, Citizen (PD) 3, and Countryside (TDP), 1 for a total of 48 of 51 seats (but the three seats for the nobility are generally left unoccupied). It has been a first in the political history of Řots that the three largest parties ended up so close to each other (at least in terms of popular vote), which illustrates the opinion of some critics that people think that the current spectrum of parties doesn’t offer anything special.

It is perhaps for this reason that the Constitutional Court (Starmik Irtosuřēda), after hearing the party leaders’ advices yesterday made a surprise announcement just before midnight proposing non-partizan Bast Hulme Gabiř, the incumbent Dakarevu Ebit (an office similar to that of ombudsman or citizen’s advocate), as the candidate prime minister. The decision of the Constitutional Court was welcomed by several mostly left wing parties, ŘPP interim leader Lorvats Nert Ornte hailing the Court’s choice for an independent candidate. PA leader Bekřa Upel Urana said that his party will study the candidate before making a decision, and DP leader Vervets Bekřa Nureet (who was widely expected to be the Court’s candidate) outright opposed the idea of having Bast Hulme Gabiř as the next prime minister, although he didn’t want to elaborate this opinion. With DP and most likely also PP opposing Bast Hulme Gabiř’s candidacy, it will be decided by the PA whether this man will be the next prime minister or not.

No news will however be expected on this subject for at least a week, as tonight is New Year’s eve and as of tomorrow, the country will observe the five days of Onī Bakē Sirta (New Year’s Days) of the new year 3492.


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