Technology Corportation QuinTech finally meets demise, Stepstone Technology buys them out

QUENTINSBURGH- Freedemian Technology Company QuinTech has finally met its end after almost three decades of success. The company was really doing well during the heyday of the desktop, being the primary manufacturer of software, operating systems, and some hardware within Freedemia. Starting out in late 1979, the first QuinOS computer was a revolution in technology in Freedemia. With little competition through the 2000s, things continued to go well until around 2008, as Stepstone and other international tech companies moved into the market. Movement towards phones, tablets, and touchscreen computers greatly hurt QuinTech’s market share. 

The real nail in the coffin for them was Stepstone’s movement into the market with StepstoneOS in 2010. When competitor Stepstone went in the direction of everything working together (desktops, laptops, all-in-ones, tablets and phones all running on StepstoneOS made working across several devices very simple, in comparison to QuinOS’ then outdated software, which hadn’t really improved since 2007), QuinTech found it nearly impossible to compete. By 2014 as StepstoneOS had worked out all of the kinks and had taken the market by storm, QuinTech was collapsing. They made a last minute attempt at life, building a couple devices using their own hardware, birthing PrtstineGo, a mobile operating system, and a beta tablet and phone running on the system. However, it wasn’t nearly what they would have needed.


The downfall of the QuinTech empire…and the rise of their competitors
Yesterday, QuinTech accepted a buyout by Stepstone Technology, leading to the death of the empire that once was QuinTech. Stepstone is considering using some of the newer phones and stuff from QuinTech to create a new low-budget phone line since even PristineGo was inferior on the national scale.


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