Řots Exit polls: two parties battle for victory; heavy losses for ŘPP

(Nekkar, 30 August 2015) – Chaos in the political parties who have gathered on various locations in Nekkar (Řots) to watch the results of the parliamentary election that was held today, after the first exit polls were announced: DP (Farmers), PA (Progress) and ŘPP (Workers) are leading the election with a margin that is too close to call. Essential seem however the provincial seats, which weren’t up for election today: Farmers and Workers both benefit from two additional seats, due to which the race will be limited to those two parties as both may gain 9 or 10 seats, whereas the Progress Party (without any provincial seats), will probably stick behind with only 7 seats, even behind the PP (Feudal Party), which may get 8.

The ruling ŘPP suffered a heavy loss today, falling from 15 seats to 9 or 10. Prime minister Kar Basil Ītase addressed her fellow party members shortly after the first results came in, telling them that this result is unacceptable, no matter the final outcome, so she will step down to allow someone else to lead the government, in the event that the ŘPP still manages to win and can form a government.

Other loosing parties are the Feudal party (12 to a prospective 8), the PD (Party for the Citizen, 4 to 3) and the Republicans (9 to 6). The Progress Party and the Party for Shared Possession (PBS) re-enter the Řosu Git after several years of absence, and the Farmers’ Party increases its number of seats from 7 to 9 or 10.

Government formation will become difficult. Whichever party will win the election, they have to find support from other parties in order to find majorities (normally 26 of 51 seats, but in practise only 25 of 48 as the three seats that are reserved for members of the nobility haven’t been occupied for many years). The leader of the Farmers’ Party, Vervets Bekřa Nureet, told the press that anyone who can count can see that the chances for the ŘPP to obtain enough support are extremely slim.

As soon as the final results have been announced, somewhere in the next couple of days, the party leaders will visit the judges of the Constitutional Court who will then nominate the next prime minister.


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