Freedemia’s president Angela Rosenthal graded 95%, highest approval rating in nation’s history

QUENTINSBURGH- Things are looking good for Angela Rosenthal, Freedemia’s current president. Progress World Network recently did a poll of voters in Freedemia to see how they felt the government and the nation were doing as a whole. However, the poll also included a question about the current president’s leadership, as well as a similar question about the vice president.

Reporters were extremely surprised when the poll results came in for President Rosenthal. When asked “Do you approve of the current president’s leadership of the United Freedemian Union and her actions in office?”, a whopping 95% of Freedemian voters chose either “Yes” or “Absolutely”. Only 4% voted “indifferent” and less than 1% voted “no” or “definitely not”. The poll only had a 2% margin of error. This was literally the highest approval rating in the nation’s modern history, beating out president Walter Sanderson who had an approval rating of 93% and the previous president, Cara Harolds, who had an approval rating of 85%.

Vice President Tom Morganson did not do nearly as well in polls, though still not bad. When asked a very similar question, voters gave him a weak 49% approval rating and about 48% indifferent.

Angela Rosenthal had been sort of a surprise unknown candidate in the primary election of 2014. Very few had even heard of the chemistry teacher from James Fredrick High School in Quentinsburgh before her bid for president. Eventually she came from nowhere in the elections and tied with Tom Morganson in the main election, then barely beating him out in the runoff to become president and to make Morganson her VP.

Critics believe that Rosenthal’s actions in office have truly helped her. Since in office she has helped to make sure men and women are paid equally, helped Freedemian industry thrive, helped improve healthcare and transportation infrastructure, reformed citizenship requirements for people born outside of the country, helped Freedemia make steps back towards being a world leader in technology, helped bring the Geolympiad to Quentinsburgh, and created positive relations with a very large number of nations, including the recently restabilized Woolonia. Most believe Rosenthal has done more in office in under two years than any other president. The only exception was Cara Harolds; however, most of her many actions were undoing issues created by presidents Harris Graham and Robert Kenderson, who had made a lot of bad decisions for the nation based off their own beliefs.

Rosenthal was pleased and has promised to keep up the good work. She has also made it quite clear she intends on running for the three terms she is allowed in the Freedemian Constitution. It seems very likely that she will win those elections unless something big changes between now and 2018.


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