Pyingshum-sur City Council announcing plans for 2 new metro lines

PYINGSHUM – Today, Pyingshum City Council announced the official approval of a major addition to the capital’s public transportation system. Two new metro lines now enter the building phase, with completion expected by 2020, to bring the city’s total count of metro lines to 12 (14, when including the Airport Express and the S-Bahn ring).

Both lines will serve two main purposes: firstly, increasing capacity for passengers going west-east, and secondly increasing coverage in two neglected areas in inner Pyingshum; The green line in the north will run directly through the newly revitalised Pamyung-Pang, bringing the metro to the heart of the city’s most densely populated neighbourhood. The yellow line to the south will give coverage to many former blank spots on the southern side of the Kime River, and ease transit there. City authorities hope that this will make the southern shore more attractive for tourism and nightlife, especially in one of the city’s oldest quarters, Doíku-Pang. Also, the yellow line will serve as an additional connection to the Pyinshum Chin Olympia Shtadiong (Pyingshum New Olympia Stadium), which until now can only be accessed via car or S-Bahn ring line. For the most part underground, the green line will be built parallel to eastbound highspeed-railway-tracks in the east, while for the yellow line it is still an issue of debate about from what point on the line should be lead aboveground in the suburbs.

A total of 8 Norikichezis (Stations at which two or more lines meet, and which serve as Express-stops) will be built from scratch, and the lines will go through 10 other already existing transfer station. The number of new to be built local stops is still under debate, as it has yet to be confirmed how far the new lines will reach out into the suburbs.

PS new metro linesCosts are estimated to be around 200 Billion Zubi, or roughly 8.5 Billion USD (united standard dollar).


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