Megamer Games’ “Snapster the Turtle and the Not-so-Parallel Dimension” release huge success, soon to be released internationally

QUENTINSBURGH- Freedemia’s game company Megamer Games has succeeded in releasing another hit classic. Shortly after releasing a new tablet-like handheld console (the newest in the GameOne series) they revived their biggest hit character, Snapster the Turtle, for another big game based off the originals.

Based very closely off the original classics made for the Megamer128 console, this new game is the flagship game for the newly released GameOne Supernova console (released in Freedemia late-July 2015). In the game, Snapster’s inventor dad tries to invent a dimension traveling device to look at different parallel dimensions to discover ways to improve society. However, Snapster accidentally activates it before the “return” function was completed, whisking him away to another dimension with no way to return back. To his surprise, he ends up in a world where the villain, Dr. Harebrain is the good guy and where the parallel universe Snapster and his dad are the evil villains!! Finding ‘himself’ the hardest villain to defeat yet, Snapster sets out to defeat the evil Snapster and save both dimensions. The battle will find its way through several levels based off of those in the original 3 games, as well as in both dimensions, and even to a third dimension where both Snapsters are thrown into a glitchy parallel dimension where the game begins freezing as part of the plot.

Lovers of the original Snapster games will love the references back to the original games and the internal video game jokes, such as the final level in the glitch dimension. The first game in what will likely be a new trilogy of games comes after a break between classic type games. Snapster had been featured in one three-dimensional game (Snapster3DGo) and three two-dimensional scroller in the last seven years or so. Snapster3DGo was widely popular, but not exactly very similar to the original games in gameplay due to the three-dimensional playing field. The three scrollers, Snapster NG, Snapster Galaxy and Snapster Nebula, made for the GameOne NG (2008), GameOne Galaxy (2010) and the GameOne Nebula (2012) respectively, were all relatively popular, but were made with much more modern graphics, largely showing off what the newer consoles could do, and often recycling old plots. However, this new game has an original and well-thought-out plot and is made with the original 128-bit graphics as a homage to the originals.

“Imagine this game as Snapster the Turtle 4,” stated Lee Burmikael, CEO of Megamer Games since 2013 and the head of the development team for the new game. “The plots, graphics, and features were made especially to feel like a continuation of the original trilogy.” So far, classic gamers have agreed, as this Snapster the Turtle game had more preorders than any in history before it, and the most first day sales since Snapster The Turtle 3 was released in 1999. Some gamers are already joining special programs that make them the first in line for preorders of Snapster the Turtle 5 (expected to be released in 2019).

“I am committed to bringing the success of the classic days back to Megamer,” states Burmikael, referring to the fact that Megamer Games is no longer the international name for classic great games. Many other companies have sprouted up, boasting newer and ‘better’ graphics, creating three dimensional shooters, motion-based consoles and other such games. In response to a question about the pressures from these newer game companies, he responded, “That’s just not how we work here at Megamer games. We are dedicated to giving a clean, simple, yet uniquely classic family friendly game experience to all who play. We continue to use newer technology to improve what we can do, but we won’t compromise our core values just to get gameplay.” Burmikael said that he is working under a new model to move the company back towards making great games in contrast to just trying to make the most powerful consoles. “After all,” he stated, “what good is a console with no good games?”

The original game Snapster the Turtle and the sequel were both released onto the Megamer128 console (the first in 1990, the second around 1992), and later ported for the StayGamer and the GoGamer around 1995. Snapster the Turtle 3 was released for the GameOne and GoGamerOne in 1999, and a collector’s combo pack of all three was released in 2002 for the GameTwo and GoGamerTwo. The Game3 console (2005) was sold with the first Snapster the Turtle game as a featured title, and was later the home of Snapster3DGo.

Megamer has also released some information about plans to revive the classic Legend Of Karla series on this new console, as well as information about a new game that is still in development.

The GameOne Supernova, as well as the new Snapster The Turtle and the Not-so-Parallel Dimension video game, are to be released internationally on August 29th. The original 3 Snapster the Turtle games and Snapster3DGo have gotten a couple updates and new features and will be released as a new 15th Anniversary Edition combo 4-pack for the SuperNova internationally the same day.


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