QUARTA announces plans for Transit Orientated Development in South Mathersboro

QUENTINSBURGH- QUARTA, Quentinsburgh’s rapid transit system and JimmyMathers LLC., the developers of Matherspark Village, have announced a new transit-orientated development (TOD) just north of the current terminus of QLine Route 6 in southern Mathersboro. The plans include more businesses, some office space, and lots of residential development.

Currently,  elevated route 6 ends abruptly above Christian Pkwy/Capitol Square (1)(6) with a transfer to route 1. With this plan, route 6 Would be extended two stops north into the new Urban Meadows Development, currently under development. 

This plan would greatly revitalize an area that up until now had been an open vacant field. JimmyMathers LLC. has been looking into developing the area for quite a long time, but this is the first time they’ve had a solid plan and the permission to start.  The construction of the basic roads has already begun, and the physical structure that will support the line 6 extention is currently being built through the development. The new development should add over 100 units of office space and over 600 new apartments and homes. There will also be room for several hotels and quite a few small businesses (restaurants, local grocery stores, etc.) The space may also gain its own elementary school to help with the surrounding growth. The area will be complete with landscaping and sidewalks for easy walkability, as well as parks and greenspace.

At first this development was met with some opposition, with several individuals fearing about the nearby natural areas west of M. Williams Parkway. However, after it was explained that the new development will be separated from those areas by a road, railroad tracks and a natural vegetation barrier, which will actually be improved by the development, as well as the fact that the Outer Quentins Toll Turnpike already runs directly through the natural areas in question, the opposition was satisfied that the pros of job creation and development were larger than the cons and the minor environmental impact.

The development is expected to be as large (and hopefully, as successful) as the slightly less urban Matherspark Village, across Capital Boulevard West. It will likely add quite a lot of peak time passengers to QLine 6, as well as perhaps adding even more riders to nearby lines 1 and 5, as they are the best connections to downtown. With a direct subway connection to the convention center via Line 5, the immense amount of office space in planning and a large conference center in the works as part of the main hotel, it is expected that this development will be very popular with businessmen and businesswomen. it will likely also be popular with students, as line 6 will give an okay connection to Hayes University  and lines 1 and 5 run to Quentins State International University (Line 5 also runs through Read University, but that is a ridiculously long ride.) 

Site of future transit orientated development in North Quentinsburgh. QLine route 6 will run through the area.
Site of future transit orientated development in North Quentinsburgh. QLine route 6 will run through the area.

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