Angry Duchess peppersprays mayor of Glep

GLEP – During a private viewing of some new paintings by the contemporary and controversial Řots painter Apaste Vurm Laster last Saturday, an incident took place that involved the mayor of Glep, Kik Storm Rantevi, and Maro Tōr, the equally controversial Duchess of Kartori. After a potentially insulting remark by the mayor relating the painting of a shapeless blob with the Duchess, the latter took pepperspray from her handbag and sprayed it in the mayor’s face. The mayor had to be taken to the hospital for treatment and one of the Duchess’s assistents was briefly questioned by the police.

The mayor’s spokeswoman insists that the mayor’s words weren’t insulting at all and that the Duchess must have overreacted; she suggested that as the Duchess is only one of the few members of the Řots noble families who is regularly seen in public, it is difficult to know how they expect to be treated. According to others it is likely that Apaste Vurm Laster arranged this scandal together with the Duchess, so that his paintings would get extra attention; the value of the painting of the blob seems to have increased a lot since Saturday evening.

Maro Tōr, the Duchess of Kartori (usually shortened to ‘the Duchess’, as she is the best known duchess of Řots), is rumoured to be the only heir of the Duchy of Kartori, but although she has been seen with numerous men (and women), it is not known if she is married and if she has children. She is frequently mentioned in the press in the context of remarkable and sometimes dubious events. The general opinion of her is that she is extremely rich and terribly bored.


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