Progress Party leader wants Řots universities to teach in Ingerish

NEKKAR – Bekřa Upel Urana, the leader of the liberal-conservative Parti Askandats (PA, Progress Party), wants to upgrade the international position of Řots universities. Apart from reserving some money to improve the overall quality of the country’s five universities, he has suggested that the universities should adopt Ingerish as their first language, in order to increase their accessibility for foreign students and investors. “A healthy education sector is beneficial for our country’s economy”, Bekřa Upel Urana said. “In the last ten years, successive governments have neglected our universities; the PA would like to change that.”

Prime minister Kar Basil Ītase, the leader of the socialdemocrat Řosu Parti Paressevuda (ŘPP, Workers’ Party of Řots), calls the idea to introduce Ingerish as the first language on universities ‘preposterous’. “The universities’ educational and financial situation is far from dramatic, so I don’t think that this proposition to throw away our native language to get a little bit more money can be considered serious”, she said, dismissing Bekřa Upel Urana’s words as election rhetoric. The universities themselves indicated however that they weren’t necessarily against the idea, but as only a few professors master Ingerish at an acceptable level, more than ‘some money’ would be required to organise the necessary language courses.

The next parliamentary elections in Řots will take place on 30 August. The PA, which used to be one of Řots’s largest political parties, surprisingly lost all of its seats during the 2011 elections; polls indicate however a big comeback.


3 thoughts on “Progress Party leader wants Řots universities to teach in Ingerish

  1. That’s something to consider when a country wants to engage into international relations, Neo Delta has done something similar, offering some programs in Ingerish while keeping other programs in the local languages at the same time.


  2. Some programs are of course offered in Ingerish already (and immersion Řotsnan language courses are offered to foreign students), but Bekřa Upel Urana would like the universities to switch to Ingerish completely. While Řotsnan courses won’t be necessary anymore, university staff (and students) will be required to master Ingerish at an acceptable level; at this moment this isn’t the case at all so much work has to be done in order to prepare Řots’ university staff (and students). One can argue that a measure like this will chase away people from Řots in favour of foreign employees and students.


  3. That’s one of the good things about Freedemia- its main language is Freedemian, an Ingerish dialect so for the most part it’s already in an international language. But it will be interesting to see how this affects universities in Rots.

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