Blizzard hits Malojdeh, south Neo Delta

MALOJDEH – One of the worst winters in many decades for the southern Neo Delta is bringing a major storm now hitting the capital of the country, Malojdeh,since Tuesday morning and it must continue during the next days. A few weeks ago, meteorologists identified a storm forming east of Elhadon Island. It shall produce record snowfall in regions that go from Fragopol to South Entrance. Authorities have recommended people in these areas to stay indoors and travels to be canceled.

Malojdeh hit by snowstorm. Source: Pixabay.
Malojdeh hit by snowstorm. Source: Pixabay.

If you must go outside, dress for the weather. Outer clothing should be tightly woven and water-repellent. The jacket should have a hood. Visibility shall be limited during heavy blowing snow and drivers must be carefull. Schools, universities and public buildings shall close during the next two days, according to the government of most cities hit by the storm. If snow is excessive or a roof shows signs of distress, contact a professional who is experienced in safe snow removal procedures. Unsafe procedures may cause personal injury and structural damage.

Further snowstorms are likely in the coming days. Chubbet, for example, could see another 20 to 30cm of snow over coming weekend, with further snow showers early the following week. Temperatures throughout the next 10 days are likely to remain mostly below freezing, with -10ºC in Malojdeh and -13ºC in East Zaudge.


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