Republic Day celebrated in Reeland

SŮTTON-Yesterday, July 19, was the Republic Day in Reeland. 220 years ago, July 19 1795, the Mainland Protectorate of Ree officially became the Republic of Reeland; after a long struggle for equality, the Treaty of Zewciviff (the capital of United Lands of Ree at the time) was signed. It states that the United Lands of Ree is a confederation of the Republic of Ree (Ree island), and the Republic of Reeland (Ree mainland).

Since it is a holiday, many people get out of the city during the day. In the evening, traditionally, people gather around major squares and do fireworks.

Hans Meyer, president of Reeland, stated that “along with Bernt van Ree, this day is probably the most important thing to ever happen to Reeland”.


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