WXFI News- MW 66 corridor begins construction.

DANVILLE- The groundbreaking ceremony has been held at the PR 145/MW 45 interchange for the construction of a new cloverstack interchange for the MW 66 corridor. The project also includes widening PR 145 (Now Future MW 66) to 6 lanes between the new interchange and MW 138. The new roadway will be up to modern motorway standards as well as the old trumpet interchange being removed.

Currently construction is being done around the new Future MW 66/MW 45 interchange. Jersey barriers will be made where the new alignment crosses the old alingment so people don’t go into the construction zone. Motorists can expect delays at the interchange sight. The speed limit has been lowered from 70 miles per hour to 60 miles per hour around the construction zone additionally. Construction is expected to be complete in 2020. Phase 1 of construction will focus on the new alignment and non-flyover ramps to the interchange. Phase 1 is expected to be complete in 2017 and will also eliminate the old non-flyover ramps at the interchange. Phase 2 of construction will be making a new cloverleaf ramp from Future MW 66 westbound to MW 45 southbound, adding an overpass for westbound Future MW 66, and building a flyover ramp from MW 45 southbound to Future MW 66 eastbound. Phase 2 will be complete in 2018. The final phase of construction, phase 3 will widen Future MW 66 from MW 138 to the MW 45/Future MW 66 interchange. Construction will complete in 2020.

FMT has also considered widening Future MW 66 from MW 138 to Verity Parkway (This also includes an alignment change to shift the motorway east-west instead of north-south to Verity parkway.) to 4 lanes in each direction with auxilary lanes. The furthest most left lane in each direction may be a High Occupancy Toll Lane funded with a Private-Public Partnership to help with the current funding problem facing this expansion. Envirmentalists and citizens have voiced concerns over the impacts of widening the road as an endangered species of bird have one quarter of their nest’s located around the project study area. FMT also wants to add a dedicated interchange to the Danville subway with the recent expansion of it being constructed. Some people say that the interchange would cost millions of credits and have a low volume that could be handled with the existing interchange at PR 88. Some opposers have created a “Comprimise plan” for this. The plan would have the road being widened only to 6 lanes with no auxilary and no tolled aspect. Many people who oppose the FMT plan support the Comprimise Plan. Currently FMT is studying both plans and deciding on which one will work the best.


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