Freedemia’s Citizenship Reform Act of 2015 passed

QUENTINSBURGH- Today, Freedemia’s Citizenship Reform Act of 2015 was passed by the legislature. President Angela Rosenthal commended the legislature for passing the act.

In the new act, if an individual has no criminal record and proper identification, he or she will be put on a fast-track to become a Freedemian citizen. In such situations, an effort will be made by the Freedemian government to go through the process between 30 days to a year (average time being around 3-5 months). If it goes over a year in this type of situation, the individual can file a report requesting speedier action.

However, things work differently for individuals with a criminal record or lacks proper identification.

For individuals with a serious criminal record, they must go through a longer process that helps assure the individual will be a productive member of society. Special consideration will be given to those who have gone 10 or more years without a major offence and 5 or more years without a minor offense. This primarily applies to significant crimes.

“If the only offense an individual has had is a parking ticket or something equally as minor, they should still be allowed into the fast track program,” states Legislator Franklin Anderson, one of the bill’s supporters.

For individuals with no criminal record but lacking proper identification, a longer process is necessary, often including helping rebuild identities. However, the Freedemian government will work hard to make the process as speedy as possible, although time frames will vary.

Families will be given special consideration as a group, working to expedite the process to make it possible for families to stay together.

These changes actually loosen Freedemia’s already accepting immigration and citizenship policies, while alternatively, making it harder for those who would be the most likely to cause problems.


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