Remaking of Pamyung-pang, Pyingshum, Republic of Kojo


After 6 years of planning and negotiation, today the first block of flats was torn down in Pamyung-pang, a part of the city long-known for being crime-ridden as well as choking in traffick. As a result, it was decided 6 years ago by the Pyingshum City Planning Authority (Pyingshum-sur Kūshuē Kyanfā, PKK) to completely start off from scratch and step by step resettle 120,000 of the around 450,000 inhabitans in the highly subsardized, closely to the city centre located area, and implement a new road system to releave stress, while also renovating many of the dilpidated blocks that had been erected in the 70’s.

One of the old blocks, now being rebuilt One of the old blocks, now being rebuilt

The goal is to connect Pamyung directly to the circular motorway, via a large, raised roundabout in a central location with access to an own whort motorway as an extension of the G 5 leading north-west to the airport, which would intersect with the circular motorway G 1. Also the area around the old Pyinshum Stadium and its metro station will be redesigned.

Critics complain that so far, there are no plans for an even better direct metro-access in the quarter’s centre, beside an intense bus system.

Residents were promised to all be able to relocate to the quarter again after the renovation is finished.


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