Freedemia’s President Rosenthal to meet with Woolonian President Sealy

WOOLPORT- The administration of Woolonia’s President Ferdinand Sealy and the administration of Freedemia’s President Angela Rosenthal are to meet on Wednesday June 10th in the temporary capital at Woolport to discuss the future of Woolonia. The two countries plan to discuss where Woolonia is headed. Major topics to be discussed include infrastructure, economy (Woolonia is home to a unique industry based around sheep), and moving further into the 21st Century with technology and such. They also plan to discuss the growing relations between Freedemia and Woolonia. Freedemia has benefitted from Woolonia’s meat, goat milk product and wool industries, and is helping Woolonia recover from a turbulent time in its history that recently caused East Woolonia to break off and become a separate nation. Freedemia and Woolonia are becoming close allies and will likely work closely with many things.

Discussions are also happening about redeveloping several parts of the nation, including former capital New Wooley and the area formerly known as Las Ovejas.


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