A Fresh Look for Khaiwoonese Football

New home kit for the Khaiwoonese national team.

KHAIWOON — Officials of the Khaiwoonese national football team, popularly known as the “Wepphu” (WEP-fuh), presented the team’s new home and away kits to fans and media today in a special event held at National Stadium in Oktogon Hill.  The team’s nickname derives from Khaiwoon’s national bird, the wepphu.

The kits, created by Gobrassian designer Orbun Amoreri for Victorie sportswear, keep Khaiwoon’s traditional red and gold colors while changing the waves to more closely match those of the national flag, and introducing a new, larger font for the numbering.

Amoreri, a native of Gobras City, joked about his country’s stunning 3-1 loss to Khaiwoon at last year’s South Central Cup.

“After the 2014 disaster, I couldn’t imagine that I would ever do anything to help the Wepphu,” he said.

“But when I heard that they couldn’t find a decent designer here in Khaiwoon, I decided to take pity on them,” he added, to raucous laughter.

Khaiwoon team president Martin Hobarow replied that the Wepphu are looking forward to playing the Gobrassian national team again in the near future “if Gobrassanya think they can handle it,” he smiled.

The Khaiwoonese team will wear their new kits for the first time next week, in a special exhibition match against West Commonia.


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