Sickness on luxury cruise ship sends 120 to hospital

The Plurinesian Sunrise in port at Khaiwoon.
The Plurinesian Sunrise in port at Khaiwoon.

KHAIWOON — The Plurinesian Sunrise, a luxury cruise ship owned by Plurinesian Cruise Lines, Ltd., arrived at Khaiwoon Cruise Terminal this morning with 117 passengers and three crew members requiring hospitalization for a form of gastrointestinal virus they contracted while onboard.

The cruise, which was returning from Tsakuna and other destinations in Niulutan-Riu, had originated in Khaiwoon two weeks earlier.  Passengers began reporting sickness while the ship was still in Niulutan-Riu, but the full scale of the outbreak was not realized until yesterday afternoon, when the ship was about halfway back to Khaiwoon, approximately 200 kilometers northeast of the city-state.

The ship docked in Khaiwoon at approximately 4 o’clock this morning and affected passengers were taken to Baipatmat Hospital and New Central Hospital.  A spokeswoman for Khaiwoon’s Health Ministry stated that all of the passengers were in stable condition and were expected to fully recover within the coming days. Khaiwoon’s Office of Disease Control will be conducting a full investigation of the incident while the ship remains in port.

This outbreak was the second in as many months for Plurinesian.  A similar virus swept through the Plurinesian Paradise while it was sailing in Onnutu last month, sending more than 85 passengers to hospitals in Leluwa.



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